Friday Night Funkin' - V.S. Shaggy & Velma FULL WEEK - FNF MODS [HARD] -

Friday Night Funkin’ – V.S. Shaggy & Velma FULL WEEK – FNF MODS [HARD]

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Submitter: Oliy

Host & Programmer: Oliy

Programmer: Ne_Eo

Musician: ramadoor

Artist: palesnake-, Kateri

Charter: Punnie

Helper Programmer: Grizzle

Engine: KadeDev

Engine Developer & Coding Help: srPerez


0:00 Menu
0:32 Dialogue 1
1:07 Song 1
3:10 Dialogue 2
3:38 Song 2
6:02 Dialogue 3
6:27 Song 3

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  1. The fnaf sister location ost at the begining make it pog.

  2. So sad that Velma is not singing God Eater. Now we need Daphne and Fred next.

  3. not the first orange wearing fella he's shared his power with..

  4. The game: shaggy x Velma


  5. Sheesh, can't wait for the rest of the gang

  6. I feel like the reason the other characters aren’t there is because:

    “Let’s split up gang! Daphne and I are going to inspect the bedroom alone.”

  7. Velma: let's go easy on you.
    Immediately seven keys and two on one!
    Me: Velma you lying B××ch!!

  8. I like the God Eater leitmotifs in the first song.

  9. Velma: now let me beat you
    Shaggy: megalovania engaged

    Edit: here's the timestamp 4:41

  10. I noticed that Velma never returns to her idle animation in the first song, she just gets stuck in whatever arrow animation she was in last.

  11. Velma is somewhat my favorite character from the original Scooby Doo series, so this is a perfect mod to have the nice feels of it!

  12. I saw this and thought, “Holy shit. They really trying to destroy the universe.”

  13. You thought Shaggy and Matt was one terrifying duo, but Shaggy and Velma are on a whole new level.


  15. How spectacularly beautiful this is for shaggy and velma

  16. Why tf does the intro has the ultimate custom night menu theme lmao.

  17. I wanna see Fred and that other woman destroy the shit out of BF

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