Friday Night Funkin' - V.S. Phil FULL WEEK + Bonus Song - FNF MODS [HARD] -

Friday Night Funkin’ – V.S. Phil FULL WEEK + Bonus Song – FNF MODS [HARD]

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Submitter: Lxixo


0:00 Menu
0:47 Supernova [Song 1]
4:13 Destruction [Song 2]
8:18 Annihilation [Song 3]
14:08 Punishment [Freeplay Song]
16:43 End Screen

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  1. why do I get the feeling that phil's left pose in supernova and destruction is a fucking jojo pose-

  2. A new character for my top 10 biggest fnf characters

  3. I remember seeing what I think is one of the devs playing this is the funky Friday discord server

  4. Whats next? A planet 1000x bigger than our sun named basket

  5. Why is the bonus freeplay song always the best?

  6. Y'know, in the freeplay song…
    these guys kinda remind me of among us-

  7. Shard: finally a worthy oponent, our battle will be legendary!

  8. Dang Dr.Phil got buff since I last saw him..and blue.

  9. I've always loved when super powerful characters are given just plain names. Like there could be this dude who was a being made of pure anarchy and malice. His mind was abstract and cruel, and his thoughts could drive any man insane. He tore galaxies apart, devoured black holes, and his name is… Dale.

  10. I like it. Phil's vocals are too low tho. It blends too well with the background music. A nitpick really, this is a solid mod.

  11. Aww man i hoped that was philza Minecraft

  12. I would love to find an isolated OST vid of Supernova and just hit loop on that sucker for hours.

  13. I really thought it was Phil za mg 🙁

  14. De echo queria decirle algo podrias crear que pense que crees fnf mod peppa pig y despues la fase final peppa pig exe la cara de horror pone el video peppa pig exe solo mira y aserlo

  15. omg he's rap battling another alien
    and i like it

  16. Can you play my mod? Its a saltys sunday night reskin, its called SSN – YAFNRP team demo (week 6 only) i keep trying to upload a vid on the mod, but the recording keeps glitching, plus its for my friend. I would appreciate it!

  17. I did the art for secret song (and yes i put booba on the pink one) B)

  18. Great mod, though I'm not quite sure how I feel about the first song seeing as the instrumental is a beat of an official song.

  19. I don't know what it is about Phil,but he gives of some big newgrounds vibes

  20. There are 3 normal Phils: I name blue(the one you sing against), purple, and green. The cool colors of the wheel. Also, why wasn’t GF in this mod? Did she not want to go to space if BF was going?

  21. this makes me sad that we dont have a tabuu mod from super smash bros brawl 🙁

  22. Oh yeah. The Dr. Manhattan mod looks fucking amazing.

  23. Can't believe that Philza Just turn into alien

  24. Fun fact I was in a discord call with the mod creator when the mode was a demo

  25. Congrats Lix. …Ill dm him rn im friends with him lmao

  26. are these like the seven deadly sins but as space creatures in the last song?

  27. yo i kinda feel like getting pinned today idk…

  28. Lxixo isn't the only one who worked on the mod, even if you have the description with the mod link, you should still include the devs in the description as well. for proper respect.

  29. I love annihilation song but i cant find it 🙁

  30. So I guess in the FNF universe they don't have America but TSoBN (The State of Blue Nuts)

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