Friday Night Funkin' - V.S. MORDETWI MAGIC FULL WEEK - FNF MODS [HARD] Mordecai and Twilight Sparkle -

Friday Night Funkin’ – V.S. MORDETWI MAGIC FULL WEEK – FNF MODS [HARD] Mordecai and Twilight Sparkle

Tasty Husbands
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A high-effort shitpost made in a week or so by Flippy, Latte, and Elikapika, with additional help from Tama, Rozebud and Smokey.

This mod takes place after the Dimensional Merge occurs, and the ponies take over the world. Twilight Sparkle has a forbidden love with Mordecai, due to interseries relationships being illegal. Rozebud woke up from a 10 year coma to witness the serenade. He’s horrified.

Also most of the people he knew became either furries or ponies. God help us all.

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  1. Are we on drugs right now and not know it because their are a lot of weird mods right now some good and some just ugh?

  2. 😢 one
    Smash bros moveset ideas:

    Person nodon:

    Basics: person would be a midweight fighter, his crouch would turn him into a UFO and he wouldn't have any additional movement options

    Gimmicks: after a non special attack he would have the ability to press a again to summon a nodon, he can also hold attacks by not doing anything after the attack which will leave him motionless like a wind up toy, if you summon a nodon or do anything else you'll go out of this state

    Jab: person will do his basic punch forward two times
    2: and end with a comment nodon doing a snap

    Side tilt:
    Person will point forwards
    2: he will summon a vibration nodon which will deal multiple flinching hits and a finishing hit that goes forward

    Up tilt:
    Person will celebrate punching upwards
    2: he will summon an AND nodon which will launch the opponent upwards

    Down tilt: UFO will shake
    2: he will summon a on start nodon in both sides, if they hit a ledge they will disappear and if they hit someon at the start of their appearance they will stun them also they do flinching damage

    Dash attack:
    Person will spin forwards
    2: he will summon a speed sensor nodon That will launch anyone who steps on it forward

    Person will punch
    2: he will summon the G from the title of game builder garage, it will deal launch damage but disappear after a short time, it's also as big as the person nodon

    Person will point
    2: he will summon a swap game nodon which will spike at the end of the arrow but every other part of it will flinch downwards

    Person will do a drill spin backwards
    2: he will summon a effect nodon which will deal launch damage and will send person forward which can be practically used for recovery and isn't just a cool thing

    Person celebrates punching upwards
    2: person summons a timer nodon which stuns any foe who touches it, it's active for 3 seconds

    UFO grows the ball things below UFOs
    2: he will summon a object break nodon which deals small launch damage up and if it hits an opponent it makes UFO do a small hop

    grab: person will turn into a hand nodon and grab with long range, he will just pummel by squishing the opponent
    st: a hinge connector nodon will bite the opponent and throw them back
    ft: a endgame nodon appears spins the opponent with telekinesis and throws them forward
    dt: a constant nodon appears, deals constant damage to the foe and dissapears leaving the foe on the ground
    ut: a NOT nodon comes down and spikes the opponent making them bounce up

    Fsmash: person winds up a punch
    2: a retry nodon slowly moves across the stage basically being a projectile smash attack but it can be destroyed by hitting it with an attack

    Dsmash: UFO spins
    2: two stick nodon spin and launch towards you

    Uamash: person celebrates
    2: a random nodon appears in a random position near person, which launches towards person and spikes

    neutral B: person makes a worm hole entrance nodon and then the exit one which will teleport nodon but can be broken by other players

    side b: person will make an object, tapping will just cause it to collide with stuff, one second of holding will make it deal damage and two to make it move and spike

    down b: UFO will shine, in this state he absorbs any projectile or attack and reflects it up or electrecutes the attacker

    up b: person will become alot lighter for one second and use his double jump
    he wont have super armor like yoshi

    he can also become a hand nodon and tether, there can only be one object (two wormhole count as an object) and two nodon at a time

    u: he will be happy and wave his hand like the connection animation
    s: he will play a sound effect
    d: he will draw a nodon not present in the moveset with a texture nodon

    final smash: a bunch of nodon start attacking foes, speed sensor nodons launch outwards towards not nodons, hinge connector nodon grab foes and squish them with constant nodon etc.

    Alts: normal, blue, red, purple, green, black, yellow and pink

  3. THEY CREATED A MOD😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭


  5. Imagine Blantados making a cover of this with their actual voices..

  6. Why would people ship this twilight already has a crush! OMG

  7. This completely ruins 2 of my childhood cartoons

  8. I hate how high quality this is bruh

  9. There's no romance like Mordecai and Twilight Sparkle


  11. no no no no no no no no whyyyy lord whyyyyyyyyyyyyy whyyyyyyyyyy

  12. God save us all reload your shotgun put it toward your head and pulled the trigger

  13. Fandoms never truly die…they just hibernate.

  14. I have many and i mean MANY questions

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