Friday Night Funkin' - V.S. Mickey Mouse.avi REANIMATED [UPDATE] - FNF MODS [HARD] - Sunday Night -

Friday Night Funkin’ – V.S. Mickey Mouse.avi REANIMATED [UPDATE] – FNF MODS [HARD] – Sunday Night

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Submitter: ShaneProductions2014

Reanimated Sprites: ShaneProductions2014

Asset Provider, Cutscene Animator for the original Sunday Night suicide: SonicBoiForLife

Director, Composer, and Coder of the Original Sunday Night suicide: maymays4days


0:00 Menu
0:44 Cutscene 1
1:19 Unhappy [Song 1]
2:35 Cutscene 2
2:52 Happy [Song 2]
4:59 End Screen

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  1. Ok ok now where or when is the colored version of this because the animation is damn smooth

  2. At the end the black arrow notes say real suffering which is the catchphrase of the original creepy-pasta which you should check out it has the backstory of mickey and why he's sad.

  3. Fun fact : Mickey can't die and this causes him to go insane so he starts trying to find ways to kill himself

  4. There is a hidden message on the notes at the end of happy, It says "REAL SUFFERING"

  5. i'll be honest :the second: song was fit for mangle if there's a fnaf universe mod lol

  6. Man it looks almost exactly as the original, the notes animations are animated in a way that wants to imitate the old animation from Mickey Mouse, and that's a very nice detail, still, at the same time those things are very good and want's to be loyal to the original creepypasta and the old mickey mouse, it kinda lacks that creepy feeling just like the other reanimated (in this point i think the OG will always win xd), but, it has a lot of personality, this reanimated imo is a very expressive one, the crazy face looks awesome, the up note is GLORIOUS, it just lacks hard shaking on the head.
    Awesome Reanimated ^^ !

  7. Finally one that knows what it is! The remaster isn’t a remaster its a reanimated to!

  8. its only been a week and this mod is already popular with its animations. HOW MANY REMASTERS DO WE NEED?!?

  9. Actually this copyright to the never released show suicide mouse

  10. อยากได้ ญี่ปุ่นเกรดสี่ says:

    i like this version

  11. its a much better sprite but the way its animated is a bit weird

  12. Did anyone realize when Mickey ends his turn its always his up note

  13. This make it look way better with the animations and the creepyer

  14. my child hood is broken when i saw mickey is smiling😊

  15. Познавательная Лиса says:


  16. Poor guy can't kill himself soo he had to use a syringe to make him happy but goes insane instead

  17. A fact:when you pause at the time in happy song you will see mickey mouse becoming evil micKey

  18. It's…….So Smooth and Expressive…Like how the NEW cartoon Mickey Mouse usually is….but with sinister! It's Beautiful!

  19. In inhappy song he looks like he is doubting something / bored

  20. They make this mod in different versions
    We have: OG, Remastered, Repainted, Minus, HD and now REANIMATED

  21. They actually did it. They made reanimated have the strengths of the original in it. This is DEFINITELY my favourite, now.

  22. Yknow why is this just so smooth like sombody took there time on this one


  24. 𝕂𝕚𝕥𝕜𝕒𝕥'𝕤 ℍ𝕒𝕟𝕘𝕠𝕦𝕥 says:


  25. Owww! Mickey in happy sprites (not the creepy ones) are so cute!

    this is your 1. year.🤩🤩🤩🤩

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