Friday Night Funkin' - V.S. Hello Kitty.EXE [Hell-On Kitty] - FNF MODS [HARD] -

Friday Night Funkin’ – V.S. Hello Kitty.EXE [Hell-On Kitty] – FNF MODS [HARD]

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00:00 Preview & Butterfly
02:23 Stressed
04:51 Beautiful Smile
08:03 Really Happy
09:55 The Dark Desire
12:15 Stars of Darkness

Description: THIS MOD HAS…uh… poorly drawn blood.
and topics like depression, if that makes you feel uncomfortable so..dont play this mod

Mod Link:

Submitter: Daralynarts

Owner and Artist: Daralynarts

Musician: BitfoxOriginal

Coder: EstoyAburridow

Help with kuromi sprite: A Crazy Star Entity

Bg Artist: WimtomArt

Charter: ImCuriousYT

The idea: Ben_V

Original video creator: Twisted grim

Really happy: The-Mayz

Discord Server [SEND ME MODS TO PLAY]:


Friday Night Funkin’ gameplay
1080p 60fps 4k Ultra HD 2022 2160p
#FridayNightFunkin #FNF #FNFMod


  1. The thing here is Kitty realizes she never had a mouth, seen by trying to brush her teeth or talk, man, even eating can be painful while being mouthless. Kitty becomes frustrated by it, and finds a fallen knife, so she cuts below her nose to give herself a mouth. The moral is: Always give your character a mouth.

  2. I might be tripping but does are all the songs just rehash versions of butterfly

  3. bruh but seriously in the second song the voice of kitty is kind of similar to the one of flipqy

  4. There’s another option about the mouthless thing, Kitty. It’s called ✨ going to the hospital and getting surgery ✨

  5. For those who don’t know…

    The song "Stars Of Darkness" is supposed to
    represent Traumacore. It is a type of aesthetic
    imagery people use to cope with past trauma
    they experienced during childhood, such as
    emotional, physical, and many other types of
    abuse. Traumacore is more of a type of art
    therapy or visual journaling than an aesthetic
    for those who have (or have experienced) any
    sort of trauma,
    The character you are singing with in that
    song is Kuromi. Just like Melody (The female
    sitting next to Girlfriend), she is a rabbit. Both
    characters and other various Sanrio and Hello
    Kitty characters are used in some Traumacore
    edits to represent its childlike yet disturbing

  6. I think hellokitty can speak like Annabell 😅😃

  7. Oh another deppressing childhood character huh

  8. Sabias que hello Kitty significa Ola Diablo?😱

  9. Hello kitty:WHAT I DONT HAVE A MOUTH
    Rebecca Parham:your not alone girl

  10. The way she sings, it's like cutting a cheek and it's going to be a second mouth, besides it's pointless, well now she's going to die of bleeding.

  11. I guess she just kinda mumbles or something while singing




  13. Hell-O Kitty: I have no mouth, but I must rap.

  14. None:

    Kitty: creepy, bloody and crazy

    BF & GF: 🙂

  15. Alright then so that was Hello kitty.ExE [Hell-On kitty] FNF MOD [HARD] but yeah this was a very well done mod to the really great art style that this mod captures it's truly great and the songs are pretty good too and the backgrounds are quite nice Looking as well with some having few touches here and there but yeah I think this is a Very Well Done Hello kitty.ExE [Hell-On kitty] FNF MOD [HARD].

  16. You shouldnt search for the Hello kitty accident

  17. I love how during phase 2 hello kitty is having a full on mental breakdown

    meanwhile girlfriend is just vibing and boyfriend is just like 'this is great😀'

  18. I like this one but is it really to much to ask for Keith to have more emotional range this mods? He's almost always one emotion only. Very rarely does he ever shift emotions and it's really getting tiring.

    Dude's looking at a depressed Kitty and rather than looking concerned, he's smiling.
    She's holding a knife and slashing at him, still smiling.
    He's in a damn void with a weird monstrosity version of her, still smiling.

    That said, I love the songs and like the art

  19. ah, yes, "the true history of hello kitty", one of the classic creepypasta and one example of how, even in the "golden age" of creepypastas, they were some ones that were awful

  20. 9:55 i resuming this one is based this whole urban legend of that poor women head inside that hello kitty plush

    Edit: scratch that its a real case my bad everyone

  21. Isn’t this based on Hell On Kitty by TwistedGrim?

  22. If you guys are unfamiliar with this I will explain
    Song 1 2 and 3 are reference to the animation called hell on Kitty which is a parody where hello Kitty cuts herself a mouth
    Song 4 is a reference to Saturday night suicides third song (btw the mod has controversies)
    Song 5 is something that confused me but it might be a reference to the incident about a lady being stuffed into a hello Kitty plush but also is probably references to those creepy hello Kitty pictures
    Really song 6 is a reference to traumacore a aesthetic which is supposed to symbolizes traumas that someone appearance that when they were younger and most of the time there would be characters from the sanrio franchise such as hello Kitty and my melody

  23. BF not giving a damn about getting slashed and being face to face with yet another nightmarish cartoon entity never fails to be my favorite part of mods lmao. Beautiful smile was such a banger tho, 6:28 sounded so dang good

  24. It's really phenomenal yet the creepiest ever made

  25. I wasn't expecting a mod of this animation to be made, I especially wasn't expecting a traumacore song at the end (that I really liked) cool mod 😀

  26. What oh you don’t got a mouth pfft just grow one

  27. Spawn this demon to others awesome
    Weird whiskers forgotten failure design

  28. No matter what you think of the pasta the art and sprite work for this are great! Kitty is so expressive, i felt so bad for her with that sandwich in the second song.

  29. 12:16 dyk this is actually from traumacore and yeah u may know traumacore it's about abuse and sexualize and depressed

  30. Hello Kitty.exe {Hell on Kitty}
    That Twistedgrim Animation,
    Im Guessing its because of
    Raymundo2112s Gen Z
    Childhood Trauma Iceberg!
    I was $*!€!dal in the Past…
    Im ok now, I like My Life now!
    {But the Text
    there is Relatable!}

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