Friday Night Funkin' - V.S. Hank FULL WEEK - Incident:012F [FNF MODS/Madness Combat] -

Friday Night Funkin’ – V.S. Hank FULL WEEK – Incident:012F [FNF MODS/Madness Combat]

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0:00 – Mine Field
2:48 – Perfectionist
6:00 – Gunpowder

This demo contains a demo of hank’s week, so please do also notice that
in the future full build most things are going to be changed (menu, background in hank’s week, new weeks…)

Submitter: VinnyTheFaie





Artist and Animators:

-RedstyPhoenix (animated sprites)

-V.E.P. (sprite artist)

-Exo (Reanimated bf and made dodge sprites)

-YellowMaster (has done the promo art for Hank)


-Exo (helped do offset stuff and helped put sprites into psyche)

-Bacon (Helped with camera movement LUA)

-Hamster (Helped with coding in the mechanic for GF and the new Background)

-P.R. (Has helped with coding the characters into psych)

Music Producers:

-BruhMomentLilac (Created the entire hank ost for the hank week)


-BruhMomentLilac (made basically all the charts)

-Skrunklectro (helped easy chart for gunpowder)

Voice actors:

-etrodis (hank voice)

Discord Server [SEND ME MODS TO PLAY]:


Friday Night Funkin’ gameplay
1080p 60fps 4k Ultra HD 2022 2160p
#FridayNightFunkin #FNF #FNFMod


  1. 3:26 Hank: ok, a hospital visit and then to the barSanford:what the fuckDeimos: you shouldve thought about that

  2. Классная серия битвы двух гангстеров

  3. Second song is easily one of the best songs ive heard from a mod yet

  4. His voice rn is still phenominal, but I still love his old voice and old sprites, the old sprites fit the background and the character designs for bf and gf, and his old voice fit perfectionist's parts like this 3:33 since he opened his jaw and stuff, but overall amazing demo. can't wait for auditor his sprites looked perfect

  5. Yet again it's the coolest Hank mod you've done it Gegcoin

  6. a demo of this mod is finally released!! love to see the other characters' weeks soon

  7. Just hope they move boyfriend a bit. Can’t see sand fort anymore :c

  8. hank gives me Russian vibes in the second song

  9. Boyfriend and girlfriend have such a beautiful style in this mod

  10. Love the fact that gf puts her clothes back on when you miss

  11. tf you didnt play friday night madness magnified

  12. Why GF's eyes built like the less than and greater than symbol.

  13. You must play Friday night madness Magnified

  14. Probably the coolest Hank mod I've seen in a while. I remember seeing a bunch of teasers and was really excited to see more of this mod cause of BF and GF's designs. I really love how Hank looks too, this artstyle makes him look very intimidating. Gunpowder went really hard, definitely one of my favorite tracks next to Perfectionist.

  15. Alright yeah this was VS HANK FULL WEEK Incident:012F [FNF MODS/MADNESS COMBAT] this mod is really good the background looks very good the songs are bangers and I really like the dodging mechanic and (perfectionist is my favorite though) and the designs for bf and gf are so cool and the hank design looks pretty cool too and I like that deimos and sanford are here too but yeah Really Good VS HANK FULL WEEK Incident:012F [FNF MODS/MADNESS COMBAT].

  16. Hey there now a demo on game banana.
    Some of us where able to play gunpowder legit early!

  17. The Third song was an amazing battle banger

  18. this is still a demo i cant wait to see the full mod

  19. The Original Sprites in this
    are great, Even GF and BF
    have Original Sprites for
    this FNF {Friday Night Funkin}
    Mod, And I like Their Sprites
    in this, They are great!

  20. 7:04
    Hank J Wimbleton
    {The J is for Motherf*cker}
    Is Blasting at BF!

  21. Hank:You like hard bass?

  22. Somebody probably already pointed this out, but on the last song the info bar on the bottom isnt displayed. Also for a few split seconds in the last song, you can see what looks to be a miss animation, probably meaning that gegcoin missed and is attempting to hide it for some reason.

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