Friday Night Funkin' - V.S. eteled FULL WEEK - Mii Funkin' [FNF MODS] -

Friday Night Funkin’ – V.S. eteled FULL WEEK – Mii Funkin’ [FNF MODS]

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Submitter: TheMaskedChris

Director and Artist: TheMaskedChris

Music: AnthemOverload

Coder: ash237

Coder: Cerbera

Writer: IceyPie

Writer: KiwiBurd

Writer: c0rruptzie

Writer: http_Aiden


Art Help: AmorAltra

VFX Help: MaliciousBunny

Creator of Matt: Sulayre

Engine: KadeDev

eteled simp: aetherdx

another eteled simp: Dizzy Demon

Non-eteled simp: phloxio

Mii Funkin project manager: HexerRush


  1. Fun fact: Eteled's name was actually just a backwards of Delete word

  2. in diagrahephobia while the map icons were glitching the smile face at the top there’s a eye that might be blinking to the beat- also diagrahephobia is the fear of being deleted

  3. ALSO- eteled must have deleted himself to get to the hallway to try and kill Austin- 🤔

  4. I heard sona's voice in the voice acting of gf LOL

  5. b i n g o
    that why literally every fnf mod have rage

  6. Are we just gonna ignore the fact the eteled is delete backwards?

  7. the starting of the outro song sounds like susus moogus

  8. I mean eteled and Austin are ai's but why not give a anniversary of wii deleted you why not? It's the greatest creepy pasta ever!

  9. fittingly, the 2nd song, diagraphephobia is the fear of being deleted, so either that means eteled is afraid of being deleted or is afraid of the hallway/ electric chair room.

  10. in diagraphephobia minute 8:10 there is a reference to THE TRICKY MOD, Expurgation.

  11. 😘😊😊😉😊😉😊😊😉😊😉😊😉😊😘😘😘😘😉😊

  12. This is awesome I just watched the mii Deleted you full series

  13. •†™༺»†ᴍɪᴋu†«༻™†• says:

    Fun fact : eteled in backwords are delete

  14. Wow but how i cant dowload friday night funkin how…….

  15. Well i tried voicing eteleD as a female and it was like a great choice! i might make it as a mod (im gonna try to remaster the epic sprites and put in the voicing) and then it's done! TvT

  16. Austin: I'll be a lot more difficult to defeat than Eteled

    Matt, watching the battle: what is this, amateur hour? Your song sounds like what I do as a light warm up

  17. langsung suaranya khhhhh gitu

  18. If you don t know eteled and you don t watch wii deleted you i steal his song.

  19. soon eteled if it's reversed it's the delete

  20. Austin reminds me of underfell papyrus for some reason

  21. Is it just be or the intro of meeting eteled is exactly the same for Whitty lol

  22. ETELEDS voiceKinda sounds like trolleges boice

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