Friday Night Funkin' - V.S. EEeEE [POKEMON CREEPYPASTA] - FNF MODS [HARD/EXE/Scary] -


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0:00 – Trepidation
3:32 – Evolved
6:21 – Credits

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BF and GF are teleported into the world of pokemon, and this time they face an unusual foe.
(The mod is planned to have more songs and content in the future)

Nathan S. – Owner/Director of mod, Composer for Evolved, worked on Trepidation
Killer Kaiju – Owner of Prevention of Evolution

a Maze – EEeEE Sprites
Appletime – Menu Screen Assets, Arrow Assets
Samuel Pastel – EEeEE Sprites
Souptime – EEeEE concepts, GF sprite, EEeEE icons, Special Arrows
Trikunari – BF sprite, pixelated BF & EEeEE sprites, BF Icons
Unwanted – Stage Background assets

Noone to Notice – Menu, Game Over, Worked on Evolved
Vzec – Composer Trepidation

Robotic Press

Charters: Forced To – Charted: Trepidation
Gabe – Charted: Evolved

Mod Discord Server:

Discord Server [SEND ME MODS TO PLAY]:


Friday Night Funkin’ gameplay
1080p 60fps 4k Ultra HD 2022 2160p
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  1. What is your favorite Pokémon creepypasta?

  2. Si Sech fuera tilin : Eso sech

  3. A surprise to see this awesome creepypasta to get a mod, but a very welcome one. It looks awesome in Friday Night Funkin' format

  4. For the first time I was the first person to comment idk why but i feel happt

  5. How are you finding the mods? I use game banna and all I found are unfinish or old mods
    Please tell me the website


  7. This pokémon creepypasta was one of my favorites. It definitely deserved a mod, being made about it. It also inspired me to make my own creepypasta in the future.

  8. What a turn of events that EEeEE is new yet more deadly that i expected to be

  9. Ayyy, thanks for playing our mod, dude. Also the name of the mod is " Friday Night EEeEEvolvin' "

  10. Zamn, i never expected this mod to be cool.


  11. Woah this mod is good! Not just good it's amazing!!!!

  12. So far the redesigns i recognized were
    BF – Hilbert(B1W1/BW)
    Blaziken – GF (RSE/ORAS)(my fav fire starter yay)
    Pikachu styled jukebox

  13. Ok Well that was VS EEeEE [POKEMON CREEPASTA] Mod but I Got to say This is really good to the designs for bf and gf which are really good to how EEeEE looks as well it's really great and (also I know nothing about this creepasta so yeah) and thease two songs were great and the background had some details but look pretty great as well and also like two other things which are the death notes and the transition to pixel with the second song but yeah Very Good VS EEeEE [POKEMON CREEPASTA] Mod.

  14. Another awesome Pokepasta mod, I remember listening to so many videos of these with this one being one of my favorites. The designs for BF and GF look so sick too!

  15. BF should've ended the song by catching the pokemon.

  16. A surprise for sure but a welcome one. Never would of seen this one coming.

  17. if anyone what this pokepasta is about for all i remember ( since its been so long ) its about eevee ( or mostly called EEeEE ) cant evolve cause of its trainer wouldnt allow them pretty much why they look like that

  18. YO YO YO YO THIS WAS ONE OF MY FAVORITE POKEMON CREEPYPASTAS AS A KID HELL YEAH!!! I hope BRVR gets his time to shine someday too <3
    This is so BANGER!!!! Look at that little guy!!!!!!

  19. That GF is Cool,
    I like Her Design!
    But its not Attractive to Me!
    Im Ace, Also Im Gender Neutral,
    My Pronouns are They/Them,
    Neither Gender is attractive to me!
    Im not attracted to Girls or Boys,
    Im not interested in
    having a partner, Because I dont want a partner!
    Im asexual, And I only
    like yuri hentai!

  20. EEeEE is like a Shiny Eevee,
    But with the Ears and Tail
    of an Espeon {But Green}
    But with alot of Blood!

  21. The second song remind me of Left Unchecked

  22. GF is rockin that one outfit the redhead in Fairy Tail wears sometimes

  23. I do like the small detail that EEeEE is always keeping an eye on BF, also, the night time was a pretty nice touch for when spoilers:

    EEeEE made this change to part Espeon, part Eevee.

  24. 🩸EeEe pretty much dark yet depressed story of creepypasta lost silver and loneliness eevee story it’s interesting. 🩸anyway it’s great art style for creator and good music

    Even pixel just like Pokémon game boy/ Nintendo 3Ds

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