Friday Night Funkin' - V.S. Dad & Timmy FULL WEEK - Happy Wheels [FNF MODS/HARD] -

Friday Night Funkin’ – V.S. Dad & Timmy FULL WEEK – Happy Wheels [FNF MODS/HARD]

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Submitter: M2B

M2B – Director/Composer

BreezyDev – Main Programmer/Coder

Towster – Secondary Programmer/Coder

opudont – Artist/Animator

NTZ – Charter

Heartzz – Writer/Script Writer

N O M I E – Visual Artist


0:00 Menu
0:37 Bottle Run [Song 1]
1:50 Get Bloody [Song 2]
3:27 Blood Shed [Song 3]
5:09 End Screen

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  1. Damn this is really nostalgic. And the art style is spot on.

  2. God I could just hear in my head Jacksepticeye screaming at Billy (or Timmy) for being a little shite even if he ain't doing anything wrong

  3. The Irresponsable Dad, and his son, Timmy, were just wanted to get funky, but also bloody.

  4. 4:10
    The randoms dumbs videos: Is A rEfErEnCe aNd UnDeRtAlEee
    Me: shut all know who is he theme >:v
    Nobody in this place is dumb
    Att: Epitaph

  5. pretty surprised timmy didn't just die in the middle of the rap

  6. The second song is called we about get lucky it was made by draft punk.

  7. I waa just gonna say where the Get Bloody song was and it showed up

    This is great ngl

  8. I remember Happy wheels, this game is so nostalgic!

  9. its kinda funni how realistic the fater looks like comparef to the son but the son does look better that way…

  10. The dad looks a bit like Omni Man ngl

  11. Boyfriend rap battling the irresponsible father to convince him to be more careful with his son on the bike, I sure hope nothing goes wrong.

  12. Bruh "Get Bloody" is just Get Lucky from Daft Punk…

  13. 𝐄𝐥𝐢𝐭𝐞 𝐁𝐢𝐬𝐜𝐮𝐢𝐭 says:

    I love how every game of my childhood is getting revived by FNF, I think it’s so cool

  14. Fnf is prob gonna be one of those games which revive all dead games ngl

  15. I remember when the son fall and i kill him 💀

  16. Goddamn I was reminded to a classics PewDiePie video.

  17. Happy Wheels, I haven’t seen this game in a while. I seen CoryxKenshin and jacksepticeye play it! Good times.

  18. plot twist: the dad is actually named timmy and the son is dad

    (also this is a joke dont harass me)

  19. Aw goddammit, now they're gonna get called fnf characters /hj

    Okay but srsly this is great 😨


  21. Everyone: it's Timmy

    Jacksepticeye fans: FUCK YOU BILLY

  22. Gegcoin have you done the undated night of the funky bot?

  23. the dad looks like that thick omni man meme

  24. OF COURSE this comes out the day after I start playing happy wheels again.

  25. im literally crying get bloody brings back so much nostalgia

  26. Missed chance to put ear blasting happy wheels theme on menu

  27. They should've called it Friday Night Wheelin'

  28. The second song gave me a nostalgia attack. Man that brought back memories.

  29. FNF Happy Wheels mod: Dad and Timmy
    sad jacksepticeye noises

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