Friday Night Funkin' - V.S. Cuphead FULL WEEK - Muggin' & Funkin' [FNF MODS] -

Friday Night Funkin’ – V.S. Cuphead FULL WEEK – Muggin’ & Funkin’ [FNF MODS]

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FNF Cuphead Show. The mod about that guy with a cup for a head yup.

Demo includes: Banger songs, Cool sprites, Old timey filters and custom menu. The latest update to the mod will have Mugman, VA’s, and cutscenes.

Submitter: kermits troll

director: kermits troll

sprites/art: kermits troll, eFeN, kraftisinsp

Art: JoNUTan, Toryno, Cosmicali, Freezemu, S̸̐̀crap.̸H̸́̀at, ClasD6179, Butter_

Art, Editing/trailer: CheckChii

Music: Permatemp, FrogZoid, @73, nasa towairato, ShottaZeno, SmokeCannon, Bonkyy, YT_GD

Coding: Gidk

Chromatics: WiiCube64, MarioPlumber, Scotty2Hotty

Video editing: Bloximator

Mugman, and devil VA: CozyDough

Cuphead, and Mr.lean VA: kurtmoney

Charting: xMichael, zam

Discord Server [SEND ME MODS TO PLAY]:


Friday Night Funkin’ gameplay
1080p 60fps 4k Ultra HD 2022 2160p
#FridayNightFunkin #FNF #FNFMod


  1. Are you looking forward to the full version of this mod?

  2. It sucks how Mugman isn't in the gameplay…


  4. Finally,a cuphead mod aside from Indie cross!

  5. For Crying out loud Where perry and Who ear The background sound you die

  6. OMG can I hire the musician for My Cala Maria mod THE MUSIC SOUNDS SO GOOD!!!

  7. I overall LOVE The Cuphead Show. This mod is gonna be great!

  8. can you do a cup head and sans and bendy vs

  9. You should take a rest because you've been uploading too many clips.

  10. Finally somone made a mod about the cuphead show

  11. Depois de lançar o mod indie Cross fizeram agora o vs Cuphead

  12. Okie dokie that was VS Cuphead FULL WEEK Muggin & Funkin fnf mod and I think this was definitely pretty good with the songs that are pretty good the background that looks pretty nice too and the art itself looks really great as well but yeah Pretty good VS Cuphead FULL WEEK Muggin & Funkin fnf mod.

  13. A pretty sick adaptation mod from the Cuphead show! Love the cuphead vocals in this, 8/10

  14. Why is everyone saying its cuphead show its literally just cuphead

  15. Seems like this is based more on the show than the games, I like that approach! And the voice for Cuphead sounds very great too!

  16. It's simply the most banger Cuphead mod ever Gegcoin

  17. Ty for playing the mod! I will fix charting for song 2, we had to rush it out sorry

  18. Aside from indie cross, this is a good mod based on other games!

  19. Hi Geg!!! I'm an artist for muggin' and funkin'! The team appreciatesyour nice comments!

  20. This is Great,
    Indie Cross Cuphead
    has a more Cuphead
    Style, But I like this FNF
    {Friday Night Funkin}
    Mod to, They are
    Both Great!

  21. Full Glass is such a banger.
    That's the name of the first song if you're wondering.

  22. hello , good morning , i always watching videos larva because it's funny

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