Friday Night Funkin' - V.S. Chara FULL WEEK - FNF Mods -

Friday Night Funkin’ – V.S. Chara FULL WEEK – FNF Mods

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Submitter: hexar

Music: Rishimazza

Art: Eggplant





  1. No one noticed this but the time 1:43 sounds like a fnaf jumpscare who agrees with me?

  2. 4:10 chara : "look at camera"
    me : what r u lookin at
    "chara confused how i m not scared"
    litelary me : "holding Jesuz mark"

  3. Celebretis like me:Omg what is that me:uhh maybe hes your fan 😑

  4. The fact he only gets 3 or 2 combo brakes I mean like how

  5. Me who played it on hard the whole time on funky friday: Wait that's not like we used to
    Wait is he using medium?

  6. bjhjmncvxbjkvhcbjmgnnnnnnnnxdfhgvbdbjkfvjhbcgjhfcg says:

    Gotta soft-reset for dem shiny Pokémon ya know

  7. I like how they use the save star to make bf repeat

  8. i still dont know if frisk is stronger than chara

  9. I cringe every time I see Chara’s design in this mod

  10. I love watching these videos like srsly I’m the one who watches your videos for mods –

  11. bf sees the died bodies
    Bf:welp guess im in hell

  12. Me: eating
    Chara: Use power to make bf repeat the song
    Me: Wat

  13. zilong user zianmiguel_tv 8 year old cat noir fan says:

    He was mom

  14. Kinda confused how Chara didn't even dare to insta kill them

  15. 4:09 there your girlfriend is still staring at charla even though charla has replaced your boyfriend? 😂

  16. 4:09 Oh My Its Scariest Part For The One Who Have Fear Of Black Demonic Red Eyes just skip To 4:15

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