Friday Night Funkin' - V.S. Chara FULL WEEK - FNF Mods -

Friday Night Funkin’ – V.S. Chara FULL WEEK – FNF Mods

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Submitter: hexar

Music: Rishimazza

Art: Eggplant






    sound boyfriend so loud

  2. Alt title: the best mod ever, with my most favorite undertale character, with the best song in undertale

  3. In this fashion, the boyfriend sings so beautifully in the beginning 🥰

  4. In this charas voice goes very well with the song but in any of those songs with other character things chara sounds garbage for some reason

  5. This was probably before or after the sans battle cause of that game undertale

  6. Nobody:
    Literally nobody:
    Chara: *pulls a save and load mid-song* *smug smile*

  7. Ok this is by far the best megalo strike back remix, it slaps

  8. Oww no this fight is going to be infinite beacuse both of them can reset and revive.

  9. ꧁EʅσαGαɱҽɾBɾ Oϝϝιƈιαʅ ÙɯÚ ꧂ says:


    I's this fnf but with an A (fnaf) jumpscare???

  10. ꧁EʅσαGαɱҽɾBɾ Oϝϝιƈιαʅ ÙɯÚ ꧂ says:

    I can't stop using Reload In the core that don't sound core part

    |>🌟 1:38

    Edit: omg now i just put core theme skipping parts and yes

    It sound like core

    Edit again : i like when the sped i's 0.75 or 1.25x and 1.5x and 0.5

  11. Seeing BF on the left side feels so weird

  12. 3:23 anyone knows if this part is based off other song? And if yes, wich one?

  13. The genius of math: plays baldi
    Baldi: gives impossible question
    The genius of math:bruh,really?
    Me: plays chara mod
    Chara: makes first note
    Me: dies

  14. насамом деле эта не оригинал

  15. is a bad time trio remix mostly AND paps and sans are dead on the floor 🙂

  16. or at least there clothes are on the floor (sans jacket paps scarf)

  17. *Why do I sound like a screeching child who has hit their head on concrete 18 times and on helium in some parts?

  18. HOLD UP!
    The song error happined if you hear all per arrows the vocal not match Soo the game is error/Down so it means A bad error Happined into the arrow and vocal and song means Eooro 01 white error

  19. How the heck did UT! Chara get so popular…?

    Also, when did UT! Chara get so ugly? Lol.

  20. you know a song does its job when it gives you chills every time you listen to it.

  21. unsung อันชัง sans lchika says:

    OMG!! Yes i love you chara

  22. unsung อันชัง sans lchika says:

    You unsung and chara

  23. Thank you for playing this mod :), I am the one who made the music for it!

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