Friday Night Funkin' - V.S. Bob 2.0 FULL WEEK - Bob's Onslaught [FNF MODS] -

Friday Night Funkin’ – V.S. Bob 2.0 FULL WEEK – Bob’s Onslaught [FNF MODS]

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Submitter: wildythomas

coder, animator & kickstarted the project: wildythomas

original concept, mod helper and asset maker: phloxio

drawing pico dead on a stick / cutscene art: donney

helped direct this project and coder: aetherdx

menu and webm programmer: AyeTSG

Zeexel: Zeexel

created “Trouble”: KyleGFX

fart button design: vomic

programmer for discord cilent w/ Bob Onslaught: Paze

BF portraits: SodaReishii

Onslaught Charting: Cval

Trouble Charting: joeki

extra charting stuff: CelShader

Thumbnail Art: squidley

Closed Bracket: bbpanzu

Closed Bracket: angeld23

Engine: KadeDev

being cool:


  1. The MOST angeriest character in all the mods in histroy:

    Little man

  2. POV: Bob has mental breakdown on the menu

  3. And we thought foolhardy was hard

    Edit: at least it was (kinda) short

  4. Everybody:1x is cool

  5. ภูผา พา เพลินชาติไทย says:

    8:01 i like that part

  6. Pin the video speed to 0.5x and go to this minute 7:35 there is a surprise if you recognize it you are an expert in Bob if not then average

  7. How is that morphing effect done? (I mean when the "rip bop" grave turns into bob again)

  8. Ron’s Onslaught:
    Certified Danger

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