Friday Night Funkin: Turn-Bass - BPM song (Boyfriend vs Melodii vs Parappa) | FANMADE by Richilix -

Friday Night Funkin: Turn-Bass – BPM song (Boyfriend vs Melodii vs Parappa) | FANMADE by Richilix

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First version of my fanmade of “Turn Bass” song by Mike Geno
I will add more things when the mod comes out.

I made the sprites, background, chart and code

“Turn-Bass” song by @MikeGen0

Original tweet:


Thank you very much for the support in the comments, I really appreciate it 😀


  1. Axel's Creative World Productions Official says:

    If this is becomes apart of the real FnF game


  2. i love that they we’re probably too busy singing they didnt notice bfs cards so he won 😂😂

  3. I love how they are really playing uno, i love that detail

  4. My reaction:
    Fbi open up 😡😡😡!
    🇨🇦: don't make me blow the 🚪 open!
    Bf: bo (no)
    🇨🇦: that's it 3…2…1… breach
    🇨🇦: your under arrest for game theft!
    BFF beep bep boop (we didn't mean to! We just want to have–
    🇨🇦: SLINECE! YOUR UNDER ARREST FOR GAME THEFT! take them to jail!
    Fbi: yes sir!
    Bf: but what me?
    🇨🇦: your good for now! But please…
    Find 🇺🇦 for 🇷🇺
    Bf: sure man I'm 😎
    runs away
    🇨🇦: 😕


  6. I love seeing all these awesome rapers raping each other and god DAMN that beat 😁

  7. They battle for 3 minutes but with me and my sis it takes 18 minutes

  8. The shake make feel on drugs


  10. Yo those lyrics actually slap tho. Very nice job.

  11. нєℓℓσ кιтту ¢σѕρℓαуєя says:

    The way they made bf put 3 cards down and fuse them to make 1-

  12. Mechanics if this was Double Down (Pasta Night D-Sides):
    DarIce (me) – Green Cosmic Stone of Power: Only when playing as FireMF or Xanthus during Double Down, DarIce (me) will cheat by switching Hypno or Lord X's note bar from top to bottom with the green Cosmic Stone of Power (as seen in Kid Cosmic).
    Xanthus – Focus Meter: Only when playing as DarIce (me) or FireMF during Double Down, there is a meter. At any point, you must hit spacebar to make the meter go up. In the original Undying Phoenix mod, the meter started at 20%, but in this mod, due to the description being "the 4-sided disc", the meter will start at 40%. Once it reaches 100%, you'll win already.

  13. Now this is how it's done thank you so much for making this video.❤

  14. When people pre charted they were so tiny now their big

  15. melodii: plays a draw 4
    parappa: ignores completely

  16. They just put the fanmade mod, but they chose Parappa to rap.

  17. 1:22 Pick up a card and place zidane 🔥🔥🔥🔥‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣

  18. Too bad there only one ending

  19. 2:15 he never one he still has 3 cards in his hand and then they magically disappear

  20. is computer the game is that I want to try the game and the mod

  21. I remember watching this non stop when it came out

  22. This is a fire hit I love it this might be my favorite song now tbh

  23. Fun fact: bf can actually speak English but choses when he wants to or not so he mostly speaks in music

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