Friday Night Funkin' - The Shaggy Mod Ultimate Update V2.5 - FNF Mod Showcase -

Friday Night Funkin’ – The Shaggy Mod Ultimate Update V2.5 – FNF Mod Showcase

Marius Urucu
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You can download the mod from here:

Mom, come pick me up. I don’t wanna play 7k or 9k anymore

0:00 – Soothing Power
1:58 – Thunderstorm (I suck at 7k)
5:02 – Dissasembler (I still suck at 7k)
9:05 – Week 5 Ending
11:02 – Astral Calamity (T_T)
14:54 – Week 6 Ending
15:51 – Meeting Zephyrus
23:08 – Getting the rest of the parts
24:21 – Zephyrus is complete
25:34 – Talladega Secret Song (I wasted 2 hours trying to beat this…)
29:28 – Shaggy Mod Secret Ending
29:46 – Credits
30:11 – Shaggy songs 4k Mania mode (I love this more than 7k or 9k)

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  1. You can listen to Thunderstorm and Dissasembler without me flubbing because I suck at 7k from 41:27. I think the 4k Mania mod is the best part of this update and it's still challenging.

  2. This Was a Amazing Update to an Already Great Mod

  3. This update was fantastic and Thunderstorm will be my new favorite mod song as I expected from Saruky (the composer of this one).

  4. ….I think I may have missed a part of this storyline

  5. Disassembler song has mega lovania song in it.

  6. Oh boy, they made an amazing mod even more amazing. I also love the entire quest they did, not only that but the songs are bangers, this is truly insane.

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