Friday Night Funkin': The Mandela Catalogue Vol.2 [FNF Mod/Horror] - Friday Night Fun-.k-i..n -

Friday Night Funkin’: The Mandela Catalogue Vol.2 [FNF Mod/Horror] – Friday Night Fun–.k-i..n

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Welcome to Friday Night Fun–.k-i..n! A mod based off of the popular analog horror series made by Alex Kister on Youtube (link in credits), the style was purposefully similar to the mod “Funkdela Catalogue”, and the mod itself is based off of a fan theory from Vol.2 .

The mod itself includes 2 songs, 1 main story mode song, and 1 bonus song for funnies!

Friday Night Fun–.k-i..n (Mandela catalogue)


Imaxinator – Artist, Coder, Secondary charter

Heathcliff#5099 – Music maker, Primary charter

Manu_614 – Modcharter

Special Thanks


The Mandela Catalogue Vol.2

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  1. bruh im suprised it took this long for the sycolocgical warfare to kick in.

  2. At end part of mandela vol 2 he car stop and hr got kidnapped by alternate

  3. That alternate seems to be doin a little trollin

  4. is no person gonna talk about why the alternate is like SUPER tall

  5. if i were in this situation i would just drift to my left to hit the alternate and go to the other road

  6. "You got dat 19 dollar fortnite card bro?'

  7. Alternate: you slow I can just run

  8. the alternate's design bothers me but other than that it's alright

  9. and also the guy driving isnt that victem 1?

  10. We need someone to remaster this masterpiece

  11. it would’ve been bettr if the ghost face alternate was the one chasing jonah

  12. Wait i dont get it
    What jonah do in the end?
    Hang hiself?

  13. Guys remember that Alex names his characters after characters from the Bible and sometimes whatever happens to the character in the Bible happens to the mandela catalogue character. So, as some know that Jonah was a man god sent to save a city which is burning down. But, Jonah instead ran away in fear and tryed to leave by a boat. While he was leaving God made a huge thunderstorm which made Jonah get tossed from the boat and got swallowed by a giant fish. Maybe in the Mandela Catalogue there could be something like this happen to him.

  14. The alternate's body is just apart of the moving backround and the head is the sprite

  15. imagine the other cars just seeing this overgrown fetus

  16. For an alternate, he can spit some incredible bars.

  17. I like how when the Alternate sings the healthbar drains. Also an important detail in mods.

  18. this is really good i just can’t hear the vocals really clearly the music kinda overrides the voices not so much with the alternate tho

  19. Some guy : Drives on High Speed
    Alternate : Lol im f a s t

  20. His losing icon looks like he is having a bruh moment

  21. me on my morning stroll after I just got burnt to a crisp from the unmatched power of the sun.

    edit:I also like the fact that the little picture on the bottom is just a car

  22. the alternate reminds me of cartoon cat in a way

  23. Fun fact,those letters on the front bumper of Jonas's car,stand for nothing is worth the risk. Niwtr

  24. jonah: is panicking
    the alternate: what a beautiful day in the neighborhood!

  25. The thing i like from vol two is how johan and addam are in a call and you hear the cat going: MERROWWW

  26. driving to "mad"ness really fit into the title

  27. He wasn’t being chased but instead driven to madness after leaving Adam to “die” and the gaging sound Jonah makes is him throwing up due to the guilt and stress he felt

  28. So this is why it took so long for the dad to come back with the milk

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