Friday Night Funkin' - The Challenge Level (FNF Platformer) - FNF MODS [HARD] -

Friday Night Funkin’ – The Challenge Level (FNF Platformer) – FNF MODS [HARD]

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Mod Description: Platforming in Friday Night Funkin’? Ain’t no way!
Spriting (wow)
Wall Jumping!
“Ceiling Jumping” (totally intended btw)

Mod Link:

Submitter: Keoiki

Programming and Art: Keoiki

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Friday Night Funkin’ gameplay
1080p 60fps 4k Ultra HD 2022 2160p
#FridayNightFunkin #FNF #FNFMod


  1. when i try to play it i just get a black screen like i tried on psych engine 0.6.2 and 0.6.1 and i always got a black screen

  2. Ah yes super boyfriend bros.

  3. YOOOOO!!! The fact that this was done in Psych Engine makes it a different game!! I love the effort put put into this!!!


  5. I knew this would one day happen.
    Imagine in a few years from now, we could get an open world mod. Or a fully 3d mod.

  6. funny thing is this is what haxe was made for, ninjamuffin decided to use it as a rhythm game engine for some reason

  7. This reminds me of a Similar type thing of a square guy

  8. OK this feels mildly illegal but I guess I'm here for it

  9. You somehow managed to make a one and a half minute out of a 10 second level, nice job! :troll:

    Will go back and make better levels for this today. The current version was put out rather haphazardly.
    Well regardless, thanks for playing!

  10. lol this is just vibrant venture but still really cool

  11. looks a bit buggy at some points, but i love it. can't wait for all the plattformer mechanics in songs

  12. Cool? 👀 Ok so this was the F N F – The Challenge Level [FNF Platformer] – FNF MOD and this is such a fun and interesting idea that honestly I hope to see more of this cause it's really different from the normal rap to three songs kind of thing it's like an actual game you move around with boyfriend through levels and I'm pretty sure you can make your own levels with this mod as well so yeah pretty dope stuff but yeah Really Good and Fun FNF – The Challenge Level [FNF Platformer] – FNF MOD! 👍👍✨✨❤️

  13. Actually looks very epic. I wonder if this can be speedrun in the future. This has a ton of potential! Always insane to see what modders can do, this is such a crazy idea.

  14. If people were able to make a platformer
    That means at anypoint someone could make a fighting game inside Fnf

  15. Ou ya me imagino como sera el futuro del juego xd

  16. Finally! The kind of mod I was wanting for a long time: A platforming version of FNF!

    Now, on the surface, it may not seem like much, but this mod has plenty of potential. The many things that could be changed can range from the standard (move speed, jump height, etc.) to more intensive (longer levels, addition of portals and anti-gravity sections, hazards, etc.), and all of it is done through Psych Engine, which has plenty of features to allow such changes in the base game that could be used in The Challenge Level.

    Furthermore, additional characters can be added to spice up the environment (Examples: Sonic.exe, Daddy Dearest, Tankman, Girlfriend), either as enemies in the case of Sonic.exe and Tankman or allies like Girlfriend. There's even the possibility of having the characters display their abilities (like Girlfriend using her demon powers to interact with objects and entities, Pico using his UZI to blam enemies, or Sonic.exe using his powers to change the properties of the environment, etc.) and see what they can do in terms of gameplay. Heck, there's also the ability to import characters and objects from other mods and implementing their powers in the Challenge Level (The Corruption from FNF: Corruption, Whitty from Vs. Whitty, and all of the exe's from Vs. Sonic.exe).

    Of course, there's limitations that should be acknowledged as much as the possibilities. One of them is the number of entities and objects affecting the performance of the game, and how many would it take to cause crashes. Another is translating certain properties to characters and objects (obviously, the Tankmen and their tank, considering they're an army and could cause issues if they're spawned in all at once, and taking into account every individual soldier and weapon in their possession and how they interact with other entities and objects, etc.) and ensuring that they can work without crashing the game at worst or slowing it down at best. Following this, modifying the character's properties (such as move speed and character height) to extremes would lead to bugs and/or glitches that could cause issues (making BF too big would pose issues with entering doors, interacting with ant-gravity, and making him too fast would lead to him breaking through level geometry ala Super Mario 64 and the Backwards Long Jump, etc.) unless they are addressed in patches and bug fixes. And lastly, there's the dilemma of using music and assets from other mods into this one (which wouldn't be too much of an issue normally, since most mod creators are fine with sharing their content with other people, but take into account that some mods wouldn't allow their assets to be used unless permission is given, and the likelihood that mods facing controversy will have problems if they're to be implemented without the creator's explicit permission, especially if said mod is to be condemned due to the actions of the person(s) involved with the mod in question)

    Ultimately, this mod is really interesting, something that hasn't been done before and branching out from the norm in terms of FNF mods. I'd love to see more of this mod in the future, especially with what the community has in mind for The Challenge Level. Kudos to the one who made this! Keep up the awesome work and I wish the best of luck👍!

  17. This is entirely different game as open source I would expected but this is amazing you can make fnf fighting games a official mod fighting game

  18. Lucas universo Challenger 2022 gamerBR says:

    I liked the mod I wanted it to go to mobile at least it would be cool!

  19. this looks kinda like i wanna maker

  20. 0:39 hmm… This animation looks like it is from Vibrant Venture…

  21. FNF {Friday Night Funkin}
    As a Platformer Game,
    Thats Cool, I like this!

  22. i think this could be used as a hub system that you could unlock after beating week1

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