Friday Night Funkin': Shaggy Ultimate V2.6 Full Week + All Secrets + Endings [FNF Mod/HARD] -

Friday Night Funkin’: Shaggy Ultimate V2.6 Full Week + All Secrets + Endings [FNF Mod/HARD]

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Friday Night Funkin’ VS Shaggy: The Ultimate update FULL WEEK + Cutscenes is a huge update but we managed to clear 100% in hardest difficulty (Canon). This update has 6 chapters with lots of new contents, hidden secrets, hidden lore, new stories, new characters… I feel like this update is even bigger than the Bob & Bosip Expansion Update. I can’t just list out all new things because there’s too many, please watch to see for yourself.

This mod has 3 endings though: the main ending after you beat Green Shaggy in God Eater, the Full Ending after you beat Warner Bros Shaggy and the Secret Ending after you beat Masked Shaggy. To unlock new story (about Zephyrus – a side quest inspired by Deltarune) you need to collect some of his mask pieces, I included timestamps and how to get them below, please check them out.

We also find out about the sad fates of different Shaggys (Green Shaggy and Red Shaggy) and honestly I felt sorry for them.

Anyway, massive and great update! Totally recommend play it and experience all of its contents. Enjoy!

Creator’s Note:

Shaggy, the most powerful being in the universe, has come to Friday Night Funkin’! Using 0.001% of his power, he sings against you to test your strength. The Mod contains 12 songs:
-Chapter 1-
Where are you – a remix of the first ever intro of the Scooby-doo series
Eruption – an original song
Kaio-ken – another original song introducing a crazy change in mechanic
-Chapter 2-
What’s new – A remix of “What’s new Scooby-doo?” theme song
Blast – A chill original song that is also very difficult
Super Saiyan – The fastest 6k song in the mod
-Chapter 3 [Finale]-
GOD EATER – well, you’ll have to discover for yourself
-Chapter 5-
Soothing Power – Calming song that isn’t very challenging
Thunderstorm – Let’s goo Saruky’s funky song ou yeah
Disassembler – Look out, the hardest 7k song in the game may wreck you!
-Chapter 6-
Astral calamity – Can a 7k song be harder than the hardest?
Talladega – Good luck.

00:00 Warner Bros Shaggy cutscene
00:14 Zephyrus Mask cutscene
00:23 Intro & Menu
00:38 Chapter 1: Green Shaggy
00:43 Dialogue 1
00:59 Where Are You Song
2:59 Dialogue 2
3:07 Eruption Song
5:40 Dialogue 3
5:54 Kaio Ken Song
8:27 Chapter 2: Green Shaggy
8:33 Dialogue 4
8:50 What’s New Song
10:39 Dialogue 5
11:01 Blast Song
13:50 Dialogue 6
14:00 Super Saiyan Song
16:30 Scoobydoo Cutscene
17:39 Chapter 3: Finale (Green Shaggy)
17:50 God Eater Song
20:58 Main Ending (Ending 1)
22:19 Chapter 5: Red Shaggy
22:29 Dialogue 7
22:53 Soothing Power Song
24:13 Dialogue 8
24:31 Thunderstorm Song
27:10 Dialogue 9
27:39 Disassembler
30:59 First Zephyrus Mask Piece (upper right corner)
31:03 Dialogue 10
32:05 Warner Bros Shaggy Cutscene
32:22 Chapter 6: Warner Bros Shaggy
32:28 Dialogue 11
32:49 Astral Calamity Song
36:06 Second Zephyrus Mask Piece (dropped from WB Shaggy)
36:17 Full Ending
36:49 Secret Chapter: Zephyrus Mask
36:53 Story Time: Zephyrus’s Story
43:19 Third Zephyrus Mask Piece (from ceiling)
43:32 Story Time Continues
47:16 Forth Zephyrus Mask Piece (on the ground)
47:50 Story Time Ends
48:30 Chapter 6 Updated
48:37 Zephyrus Mask Cutscene
49:47 Astral Calamity Song (Updated: VS Masked Shaggy)
52:55 Secret Ending
53:12 Credits
53:35 All Content Unlocked
53:45 Outro

VS Shaggy [The Ultimate Update]
Mod authors
srPerez – Coder, Main artist, Main composer & Co-Charter
MORO – Artist of WB Shaggy’s sprites & Cutscene animator
SandPlanet – Co-Charter, Chapter 6 dialogue
Saruky__ – Composer of “Thunderstorm”
Joan Atlas – Composer of “Disassembler”
Special thanks
Soulegal – Brazilian Portuguese Co-Translator
Aizakku – Brazilian Portuguese Co-Translator
Cony – The epic shaggy close up
KadeDeveloper – Coder of Updated Inputs
Pointy – Playtester
Sulayre – Matt sprites
McChomk – Transcribed the OG dialogue into the new text system
Shadow Mario – Psych engine programmer
RiverOaken – Psych engine artist


  1. Astral Calamity is just Final Destination but easier

  2. kaio ken song is fire 100%

  3. A Reality Hack: HAVE ANOTHER PERSON WITH YOU FOR THE OTHER 4 NOTES AND YOU ON THE OTHER SIDE WITH THE MIDDLE NOTE (and if ur asking where in the world would you get another person with you. Well this is the answer: SUMMON A GHOST THAT CAN TOUCH

  4. 😂😂😂😂😂

  5. Why was shaggy fighting bf in a rap battle when gf killed his dog 🙁

  6. The fact shaggy was using 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000.1%power is crazy

  7. Aver si entendi bf livera a una mascara que pose a shaggy para destruir governar y sepa que otras cosas para que el solo rapeara y gf mata a scooby que "heroes"

  8. Fun fuct: shaggy beat up i think 19 or 10 bad guys in one episode

  9. Fun fact: it will take 30k years to comeplete all 3000 songs

  10. And… final destination? Shaggy with a special partner named… Matt?

  11. I remember playing the last song for like 4 hours and i was so happy when i beat it

  12. youre really good At this game appiratce it!

  13. Also how does he record the screen how with out full screens and the tiny screen how really how

  14. LuL:"S-So I have nothing to say. This is so cool.

    Even in the tutorial, I missed at least 1 of the notes, at most 3 of the notes, while you… as I said, I have nothing to say. XD"Thats so cool man…

  15. In the end of final wb shaggy chapter shaggy tells bf that it was all already planned and that he could revive scooby but we could already know that since gf just sliced scooby in half and shaggy gave bf the trauma treatment instead of gf

  16. Where Are You|Eruption|Kaio Ken|Season 1
    WHATS New|BLast|SUPER Saiyan|Season 2+The song "Blast" is different a bit when you play it after giving the mask the first piece+you will fid the second piece of the mask is the mouth. After you bring the mask the first piece. Go to the "Blast" song and soon you will see a falling piece called the mouth of the mask. After you get it, just quit or complete the song, until you come back to the seasons list. Go back to the mask and give the mask the piece, and that's how to get the mouth of the mask.
    GOD EATER|Season 3+Later in the only song of this season click the down button as you can to get lower. And grab the white thing that's on the floor fast. And that's how to get the white skin of the mask plus it's the third piece.
    NOT USED FOR THE VIDEO|Season 4+Not used
    Thunderstorm|DISSASEMBLER|Season 5+For the song "Dissasembler", wait later in that song until you see the screen shaking for the first time, after that, find the top right corner of the screen. And that's how you get the ear of the mask. (Final piece)
    ASTRAL CALAMITY|Season 6+Final+Lets you find the first piece that drops from Shaggy for the mask at the end of the only song of this season.
    NOT USED FOR SONGS|Season ?+Lets you talk with the mask.
    After you give all the pieces of the mask, go back to the only Season 6 song. And then the mask will make the Shaggy that is green and have green eyes will turn weird. Will discuss a secret sing. And that's all! (OF this video)
    More here

  17. I wonder why red shaggy or green shaggy physically didnt come to stop the mask

  18. Timestampts:

    Chapter 1: First Encounter
    00:43 Where are you?
    02:58 Eruption
    05:40 Kaio Ken

    Chapter 2: The Rematch
    08:33 What's New
    10:38 Blast
    13:49 Super Saiyan
    16:31 Post Super Saiyan Cutscene

    Chapter 3: Finale
    17:42 God Eater
    20:52 Post God Eater Cutscene

    Chapter 5: Bonus Match
    22:29 Pre Soothing Power Cutscene
    22:52 Soothing Power
    24:14 Thunderstorm
    27:10 Dissasembler
    31:02 Post Dissasembler Cutscene

    Chapter 6: Special Komat with the third of his kind
    32:28 Astral Calamity
    36:14 Post Astral Calamity Cutscene

    36:52 Zephyrus Encounter
    48:35 Talladega

  19. 21:41 "And if Saitamas gonna be there I cant miss it" caught me off guard 💀

  20. от куда вообще взялся 4й пазл маски!

  21. it's pretty late but I managed to clear 100% of the game and defeated all Shaggys. Felt sorry for Green Shaggy and Red Shaggy for their sad stories

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