Friday Night Funkin' - Prisoner Paradise - FNF MODS [HARD/Demo] -

Friday Night Funkin’ – Prisoner Paradise – FNF MODS [HARD/Demo]

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Submitter: GZOONK

Made the Characters, Art, Music, and Coding: GZOONK

#FridayNightFunkin #FNF #FNFMod


  1. For a sec I almost thought that this would be a different GF from a Side/Remix mod cause she looks very alike to her. But regardless this was a really cool mod! Her animations are cute too!

  2. I really like this mod, i hope it gets an update or fan-made expansion!

  3. Looks like GF, sounds like Sky… Not sure how to react to this.

  4. Why does she look a lot like the girlfriend?

  5. Alright that was Prisoner Paradise this was a pretty good mod the character is interesting the background actually moving is pretty cool and thease two songs are good but yeah Pretty Good Prisoner Paradise Mod.

  6. The background is kinda crazy, and I like it

  7. I can tell that is B-Side Gf and it’s not someone else

  8. I am writing to support the author, what he does is very funny YOU ARE THE BEST 🙂 we were inspired by your work and also started making cool content on this topic! You can be the first to rate the new video on the channel, and you can also take a poll about the preview 🙂 Share a piece of your opinion and your life will be digitized and here you will become immortal!😎

  9. GF but blond,sky vocals,strange eye twitching,i can't understand this

  10. guys look, convict from enter the gungeon!!!

  11. I'm the only one who thought prisoner gf looks like the one on side b

  12. The background looks like a real prison and I love it

  13. Seems okay I guess, I assume the vocals are placeholders cause it sounds like sky but anyway… 6/10

  14. It’s the same thing like girlfriend including the Midas look like the same thing except for the hair and the voice

  15. No….no……NAAH! not this kind of nostalgia!

  16. Why does this mod reminds me of the vs maxi mod

  17. Hey gegcoin you should play the Iscream mod it's really good 😉

  18. it's a nostalgic vibe for a strange reason

  19. this needs work. they use sky's vocals (pretty sure), and dialogue could use a spellchecker

  20. I A M S U P E R J A I L N O W I G O N N A K I L L F E E L I N G I N

  21. this takes me back to the old fnf modding days

  22. Miku: I will t-pose my lil bro and his cute girlfriend outta there. Executes cops

    Cops: Oh shit- Dies

    Bf and Gf: Yay! Finally escapes from prison

  23. I Saw the Thumbnail,
    And I Guessed GF was
    Blonde in this FNF
    {Friday Night Funkin} Mod,
    Its only a Girl that
    has Similar Hair!

  24. Damn, I like the Background,
    The Way that its Moving
    is Trippy, Also the Music in this
    FNF {Friday Night Funkin} Mod,
    Is great, it Reminds Me of Rez!

  25. I love Boyfriend's new costume even his voice is so cool good fnf video forever💙❤️💙💕💕💙❤️💙🎧🎤🎤➡️⬆️⬅️

  26. When I look in the back area, it looks like the SCP Foundation, and when I look at the girl's voice, it looks like Sky. 🤔

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