Friday Night Funkin' - Ordinary Sonic V.S. Tails - Friends From The Future [FNF MODS] -

Friday Night Funkin’ – Ordinary Sonic V.S. Tails – Friends From The Future [FNF MODS]

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Submitter: PikaThePikachu

Most of the new stuff: PikaThePikachu

The Cover!Do: KLOfficial

Inspiration, and Icons: LinkstormZ

Game Over Coding: AnAmmar

Recharter Helper: Spidex.

Spinning my Tails – FNF Cover: Music Dog,

Friday Night Funkin’ gameplay
1080p 60fps 4k Ultra HD 2022 2160p
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  1. Did anyone notice how sonic's poses were faker's poses

  2. Ive always loved tails and know someone has made him better.

  3. I love how the angel island act 2 theme just slips in lol

  4. why whenever im playing this im getting like 20 fps lol

  5. Sonic.exe really had no reason to be here. Don't gotta shove him into everything Sonic, but ignoring him, it's still a great mod nonetheless. I also like Tails' voice. Fits him well!

  6. Tails looks so good, and the worried look when Sonic.exe completely takes over looks amazing too. Also I like that Tails uses different notes that Sonic, as he uses the notes from the original Ordinary Too Slow mod.
    And don't forget the amazing extra cover.

  7. Alright that was ordinary sonic Vs tails [Friends from the Future] Mod and this was really good the Pixel sonic exe looked great and the pixel scared tails was good too fun mechanics like the coins and static notes are really good too and the song was a banger it was too slow so yeah and the normal background looked great as well the exe background was pretty good too and the second song was cute I like the style and tails just spinning around is adorable but yeah really good ordinary sonic Vs tails [Friends from the Future] Mod.

  8. this really devaluates the original rom hack

    there was no tails, no lore, no anything just "oooh spooky sonic is gonna getchaaaaa ooooooo better be quick to finish the acf"

  9. I like it that sonic got his chaos nightmare voice and tails got his tails gets trolled voice

  10. It's funny that when the background is normal they are both in Green Hill, but when exe appears Tails just says fuck it and he is now in burned Angel Island

  11. This is a great mod! It’s so expressive!

  12. They were better off using the fleetway voice for sonic

  13. That last one had me laughing. The original animation was so good and this just caught me off-guard lmao

  14. That extra song at the end was the best way to end it off lmao, that was cute and I remember seeing that video, nice to see it make it in a mod now!

  15. Ayo, Thanks for crediting my friend KLOfficial. Glad that he helped ya out with this

    This is really awesome

  16. Thanks for playing the mod, I'm the one who composed Spinning my Tails

  17. Omg the last song thou haha
    Good mod as a whole

  18. It's really cool how they used the voices and the smb funk mix sprites


  20. Hello, I'm the one who put the original animation from Hotdiggedydemon together with the music used to make the remix for the FNF Cover for Spinning my Tails.

    It was just a low res gif along with a music threw together, then the algorithm picked it up 2 years after uploading.

    The first time it blew up it was already interesting to see the amount of variations that came out of it, now it's kinda trending again because of this mod.

    Definitely didn't expect to see it as a FNF mod, lol.

  21. I remember playing ordinary sonic once..I wasn't expecting exe to show up in it

  22. Sonic.exe sounds like he uses Xenophanes vocals.

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