Friday Night Funkin' Online VS Edd, Tord & Uberkids (FNF Mod/Hard/Unfair) (Pico's School/Eddsworld) -

Friday Night Funkin’ Online VS Edd, Tord & Uberkids (FNF Mod/Hard/Unfair) (Pico’s School/Eddsworld)

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Friday Night Funkin’ VS Edd, Tord & Uberkids Week for the PC in 2160p Ultra HD, but this time BF battle Edd/Tord from Eddsworld & Uberkids from Pico’s School.
Philiplol – Created Challeng-EDD:
Philiplol – Created Unloaded Challenge:

This mod is called Friday Night Funkin’ ONLINE VS. [EDD & UBERKIDS UPDATE] and it has a challenge update featuring Unloaded, Challeng-Edd, and the old Accelerant song.

FNF Online VS Edd, Tord & Uberkids Challenge Mod Download link:

This looks like it could be an fnf week 8 update because of how awesome this looks. We got 2 new huge updates for fnf online, in Challeng-Edd we battle Edd, but around mid-fight Edd and BF will end up battling the next-door neighbor, but that’s only if you choose the hard difficulty. If you choose unfair then you get to battle Tord and his Tordbot halfway through the song. Things changes depending on what difficulty you choose, but it’s not the same for the Uberkids Unloaded challenge.

If you want to see VS Hank Accelerant song with Tricky Phase 3, Sanford & Deimos then check out this old video:

We’ll be playing it on very hard mode for all Edd, Tord & Uberkids songs. Will Boyfriend & Girlfriend be able to get out of here alive or will bf and gf lose to Tord and will Pico, Nene, and Darnell defeat the Uberkids?

Oh, I just realized something, what’s one thing all these updates have in common? They all came from Newgrounds!

All Songs from Friday Night Funkin’ Vs Edd, Tord & Uberkids Week Challenge Mod Timestamp:
00:00 Animation Preview (Tordbot & Pico Dance)
00:20 Intro
00:23 Online Menu
00:39 Challeng-Edd Song | Hard (Edd vs BF)
01:55 Neighbor join in, Eduardo vs Edd & Boyfriend
02:50 Ow!!
03:08 Edd Unlocked
03:28 Challeng-Edd Song (END Mix) | Unfair (Edd vs BF)
04:42 Tord vs BF & Edd
06:30 Tord Unlocked
06:54 Unloaded Song | Hard (Uberkids vs Pico)
07:38 Pico going hard!
08:16 Bus Crash!
08:57 Uberkid Unlocked
09:16 Hard vs Unfair Comparison
11:25 Nene & Darnell Unlocked
11:38 All Characters Unlocked Showcase
12:28 FNF Online, he rage quit
12:58 What if you miss Tord’s Rocket?
13:10 Edd+Pico Game Over in Outro – CommunityGame

Mod Creators for VS Edd, Tord & Uberkids below
VS Edd, Tord & Uberkids Challenge (No Cutscenes) Mod Download link:

TheBlueHatted – Creator/Programmer/Additional Assets:

FifLeo – Additional Assets & Art:






im so beautiful got disabled – MODPACK CREATOR:

StarlightZxne (StarlightZxne # 3487) – MODPACK CREATOR:

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Friday Night Funkin’ gameplay @ 1080p 60fps & 4k HD (2021)
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  1. References 😀

    1:56 WEL WEL WEL >:)

    4:01 Paul or Patrick or Tord jumping out of a plane on the right side of the scene

    4:40 I'm unstoppable

    In the whole song they make a lot of references to the opening of Eddsworld and Norway

    5:14 Bf Sings Sunshine Lolipops

    5:32 References Eggman's part in "Triple Trouble" in Sonic.Exe mod

    5:37 Reference to Chaos in Sonic.Exe mod

    5:43 Reference to Norway

    6:10 Tom shoots the harpoon at Tord's Robot

    I didn't find references in the song Unloaded, sorry ;-;

  2. I just noticed Edds teeth and square, Edwardos teeth are rounded, and Tord…
    Well Tord just has fangs

  3. The harpoon impaled the robot from the back but the ‘gun’ was aiming at the front 😀

  4. There’s only one thing to really say:

    Well well well

  5. Bf was actually singing sunshine lollipops cuz I knew Tord made that face

  6. Fun fact: 4:02 Look at the top right of the screen. you can see tord landed from a plane

  7. Kind of a shame that Ubersam, Uberjon, and Uberfred weren't separate unlockable characters

  8. You have a higher swag then me but i have custom skins

  9. I like pico who kill all of that kids is so cool and edd he's cool too💯😝

  10. cant get this game to start up. I need help

    i dont get it

  11. So freaking cool and awesome! At 7:43, that's the same cool spinning move that he can do from the Newgrounds Rumble game, but without the guns. It looks like Pico might've been taking capoeira lessons and that could be why he has been doing that cool spinning breakdancing move.

  12. how the eddsworld community has change with the "the end" topic in six years. if only they were all still around, exept matt unlike tom leaving which makes sense with his character

  13. The modding Community is getting more better so week 8 is gonna interesting

  14. * deep inhale *
    Sunshine, lollipops, rainbows everything
    Everything that’s wonderful is what I feel when we’re together
    Brighter than a lucky penny
    When your near the rain goes disappear dear
    And I feel so fine
    Just to let you know that you are mine!

  15. harpoon harpoon there better then Spoons

  16. 8:12 pico mouth changed to be like he is now more crazy than before he break dance and his pose seem more diffrent after break dance

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