Friday Night Funkin IMPOSTOR v4 LEAKED & EVEN MORE IMPOSTORS... FNF Mods #91 -


SuperDog Tyler
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Today Im back with FRIDAY NIGHT FUNKIN Mods and play NEW fnf Impostor v4 songs! Impostor v4 has officially been LEAKED but the full Impostor v4 update will be INCREDIBLE!! 😄
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This Friday Night Funkin Fnf Impostor v4 Leak mod is created by FridayDayFunkin

Play FNF vs Impostor by @Clowfoe & Others here!

Play the FNF Impostor v4 Leak mod here ►

Play the FNF vs Black Impostor mod here ►

Play the FNF vs AMOGUS Imposter here ►

Play the FNF Impostor B-Side Remixed mod here ►

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  1. I realized you had your score back 5 seconds before you did

  2. It is now black crewmate not black imposter I guess black imposter was ejected

  3. I like the black among us without a knife it looks like he’s a crewmate

  4. You know week airship is reds songs and greens songs mixed up together

  5. Today my son and I are going to Dalton’s today from Christmas

  6. The black guy is acctuly a crewmate you can tell by the backrownd color so black is a crewmate

  7. dream among us new roles am1ng 4s n3w rol7s says:

    is balck in vitory

  8. 2:47 victory song
    the red impostor is carrying the green impostor that is how the airship map is
    and the victory song is a black crewmate with a microphone
    the sussyphobia song is the white version of the black one and we skip to the other 2 songs
    the endless one is just for fun
    the inverted lights down is inverted and the inverted version of the lights down
    and this is the same with the reactor wich is inverted version of the reactor
    my favorite is the victory song wich is very very fun

  9. did you know that my freinds next door at my home sometimes are silly and call me tyler

  10. Green is already a b-side so another b-side means its bb-side

  11. Try the mount silver mod! It's very nice! 😀

  12. On Victory, that isn’t black imposter. It’s black crewmate.

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