Friday Night Funkin' Hypno's Lullaby V2 PIXEL Version / Pokemon (FNF Mod/Demonstration) -

Friday Night Funkin’ Hypno’s Lullaby V2 PIXEL Version / Pokemon (FNF Mod/Demonstration)

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Friday Night Funkin’ Hypno’s Lullaby V2 PIXEL Version / Pokemon (FNF Mod/Demonstration) for the PC in 2160p Ultra HD. This is a Friday Night Funkin’ Here is what is left of the Pokemon mod.
Friday Night Funkin’ Lullaby is a mod created and directed by Banbuds that revolves around Pokémon creepypastas. The main weeks are inspired by Hypno’s Lullaby, Easter Egg: Snow on Mount Silver, Lost Silver, and Buried Alive; MissingNo. is also present.
There are also several bonus songs that can be bought from the Shop. These are inspired by DISABLED, Strangled Red, Hell Bell, Glitchy Red, and a Jigglypuff image of unknown origin. There are also a few bonus songs based on original material made for the mod.

Hypno’s Lullaby V2 Pixel
Gold (Lost Silver) on Green Screen

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  1. Maybe it would be cool to get pixelated versions of every song (like this one) after the Player completes all Songs on hard with accuracy above 90%.

  2. As someone trying out Pixelart and sprite work I can really respect this

  3. For those who don't know, the song on the Green screen is from the Fnf Super Mario Bros Funk Mix

  4. Yo whats that last one

    Edit: I got an answer, I know it's gold. Please stop telling me this. Mario bros funk mix.

  5. @jean carlos zavala..345@ ( BG ) :) 59 5 says:

    ( FNF / siguiente / v2.5 / mod ) – ( ?????? ) – ( Hola ) ( amiga ) ( xDxDxDxDxD ) ..

  6. necesito la cancion de gold para poder descargarla dios mio

  7. Oo i saw this mod when the v1 was out it's kinda meh but now with new sprites is awesome

  8. That last song is a new one. What song is it?

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