Friday Night Funkin' Hatsune Miku Vs Boyfriend, Full Concert | Project Funkin' (FNF Mod/BF's Sister) -

Friday Night Funkin’ Hatsune Miku Vs Boyfriend, Full Concert | Project Funkin’ (FNF Mod/BF’s Sister)

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Friday Night Funkin’ Hatsune Miku Vs Boyfriend – Rolling Again for the PC in 2160p Ultra HD. This time we rap battle against Miku. BF is worried about his sister so he goes and checks up on her.
DegODraws – Artist n director: (oops, fixed)

It’s been a while since we last saw Hatsune Miku in FNF. This time we get to play as Hatsune Miku and sing to the crowd, but you’ll also have boyfriend interrupting his little sister’s 2023 concert. Hatsune Miku accepts his big bro singing challenge which switches us back to BF. There are some music references like Hatsune Miku Rolling and something about Ninjamuffin / ninja_muffin99.

I’ll be playing Hatsune Miku songs on very hard. Will Boyfriend be able to beat his younger sister Hatsune Miku or will bf fail?

VS Miku – FNF: Project funkin’ Mod Download:

Game Note: Play with and against miku in this short mod featuring 2 brand-new songs.

Hatsune Miku codenamed CV01, was the first Japanese VOCALOID to be both developed and distributed by Crypton Future Media, Inc.. She was initially released in August 2007 for the VOCALOID2 engine and was the first member of the Character Vocal Series. She was the seventh VOCALOID overall, as well as the second VOCALOID2 vocal released to be released for the engine.

All Songs from Friday Night Funkin’ Hatsune Miku Vs Boyfriend Full Week Mod Timestamp:
00:00 Animation / Song Preview
00:24 Intro & Miku Wave
00:32 Message & Miku Title Screen
00:48 Menu
00:54 Freeplay (Cover Albums)
01:05 Credit (They kind of talk too)
01:20 Option Art
01:28 1) Future Sound – Song (Hatsune Miku’s Concert)
01:48 Event 1
02:55 Event 2
03:38 Event 3
04:41 Thank You Ninjamuffin
04:55 FNF Animation 1
05:11 2) Fantasy Girl 01 – Song (Hatsune VS Boyfriend)
06:02 Music is picking up
06:25 Come on, baby!
06:29 Miku in white dress – Reference to Number one princess in the world
07:01 Miku’s sad, Rolling Girl
07:39 BF & Miku Back on stage
07:48 Neru and Teto watch their performance
08:20 Back on stage
08:35 Thank you for playing!
08:45 Game Over Animations
09:00 Outro – CommunityGame

Mod Creators for Hatsune Miku Vs Boyfriend, Full Concert below:
Hatsune Miku Vs Boyfriend, Full Concert FULL WEEK (Cutscenes!) Mod Download link:

DegODraws – Artist n director

Vtroy Jerof – Musician: Fantasy-girl01

Matriculaso – Coder

Saruky__ – Musician: Future sound

Farsy – Charting

Trollisuo – shader

Cracsthor – phantomMuff Font

Get the game and support the creators of the game:

Friday Night Funkin’: The Full Game:

Friday Night Funkin’ – VS Flippy Flipped Out Week:

Friday Night Funkin’ VS Hatsune Miku Sonic.EXE Endless but BF & Miku Sings It:

Friday Night Funkin’ Hatsune Miku Vs Boyfriend – Rolling Again (FNF Mod/Hard) (BF’s Sister)

FNF VS Hatsune Miku 2.0 FULL WEEK (FNF Mod/Hard) (Miku Concert/Remastered)

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Friday Night Funkin’ gameplay @ 1080p 60fps & 4k (2023)
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  1. Missed opportunity to use a utau version of bf that actually sings with miku 😭

    Aside from that this shit slaps

  2. Does anybody know how long it's been since we've seen a fnf Hatsune Miku mod it's been decades in years Merry Christmas Community games😊❤❤

  3. I’m pretty sure at 6:26 , she is saying “come on, baby” and not “come on, ready” , you might want to fix that

  4. I feel so proud for myself to understand all the references

  5. A lot of new mods and V2 and final versions of mods I'm loving it all, I hope they continue like this ❤😮

  6. Whoever is saying Ninjamuffin is a creep should check themselves again. Understand that Ninjamuffin didn't groom any minors irl, he just saved some NSFW art of fictional characters who happen to be minors, that doesn't make him a groomer. He is no Amor, nor is he Mayz. He just liked the NSFW art of fictional characters who happen to be minors. So leave him alone, it's just a misunderstanding

  7. I think that's Aoki Lapis with pigtails🤔🤔🤔might be Genne Jen

  8. Scratch in Future Sound kinda same at Linkin Park sound…

  9. I know but think that this mod is inspired from Project Sekai.

  10. You should def play vs gumbal fnf

  11. hi, miku fan #60 here totally not listing some song references

    Future Sound
    The scream part from World is Mine
    The Snow White Princess Is
    World is Mine (1x)
    Ghost Rule (1x)
    Matryoshka and.. idk the other sorry
    Ghost Rule (2x)
    Triple Baka
    Ghost Rule (3x)
    World is Mine (2x)

    Fantasy Girl 01
    Original Song (NO REF)
    World Is Mine
    Rolling Girl
    Original Song (NO REF)
    Triple Baka
    Original Song (NO REF)

  12. 3:54
    Why is Miku singing teto's part though qwq?

  13. Miku in white dress qwq?
    That's supposed to be a reference to "Number one princess in the world" qwq

    And it's Rolling Girl
    Not rolling stone qwq

  14. Marvelous and out of the 🌌universe. I swear to God.

  15. Remembering the Miku mod from BBPanzu, we've come a long way for sure.

  16. Miku is the beautiful music😭😭💖💙💙

  17. Damn, this is a fuNking adorable and cool mod!

  18. I wanna have a Glitched TADC mod please

  19. always nice to see miku in fnf, my fav part was when miku screamed,idk why she did that but it was hella funny

  20. Seeing Teto and Neru mskes me extremely happy

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