Friday Night Funkin' - GUNS ERECT REMIX CHART [Tankman Week 7] - FNF MODS [HARD/Fanmade] -

Friday Night Funkin’ – GUNS ERECT REMIX CHART [Tankman Week 7] – FNF MODS [HARD/Fanmade]

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Mod Description: Do you Like Difficult Songs ? Do you Also Like Funky Music and Awesome Art ?
Well This Mod is For you!
(Mod Inspired By FNF Vinyl Poster And Kawaiisprite)

Mod Link:

Submitter: BLIKIEX


PROGRAMMER: TormentedProgram

CHARTER: Luffydestroyer


GUNS REMIX: rocketyoshi,

BF AND GF SPRITES: Uniimations

Special Thanks: ninjamuffin99

Discord Server [SEND ME MODS TO PLAY]:


Friday Night Funkin’ gameplay
1080p 60fps 4k Ultra HD 2022 2160p
#FridayNightFunkin #FNF #FNFMod


  1. An adjusted sprite offset would tie bf together

  2. how’d they fuck up BF so much in Psych

  3. I find it quite odd not much realize that erect's art is basically the same as the original


    -a different artstyle
    -lighting change

    this mod though, perfect

  4. Second hand embarassment watching bf swing around that condom xD

  5. if u made this mod, just have his feet stay in one place it's ok if his head and body moves it gives him expressions. otherwise good job champ

  6. i know the bf offsets r shit, but im kinda diggin it yk

  7. I can't believe I thought it was official because of ninjamuffin99's alleged channel

  8. They stole bf and gf sprites from the dadbattle remix mod 💀

  9. Wich one is more threatening, "erect guns", "erect milf" or "erect pico"

  10. finally, some credit for the bf and gf sprites from the high effort dadbattle erect remix mod!the fact that phantom arcade watched this is amazing

  11. What a banger so good can’t wait for the actual erect mode to come out!

  12. Bf hit then high notes at the end lol

  13. My main problem with this is that the remix wouldn't really count as an erect remix. Erect remixes are supposed to be BF just singing through the entire song, while the opponent occasionally interrupts. The song is good for a remix, but it doesn't count as an erect remix.

  14. I love this remix!!! It slaps HARDER than the OG guns!!!

    The only thing wrong with Bf’s sprites is that its poses are not placed correctly

  15. This Funkin rocks hard and still was stunning mod.

  16. Alright well that was the GUNS ERECT REMIX CHART Tankman Week 7 FNF MOD [HARD/Fanmade] and I think for a fanmade this was good this fanmade guns remix? I think I'm not sure which song this again for tankman but for a fanmade this is really good and the designs are cool her with the erect look and the background having the green look for erect looks good too but yeah pretty good GUNS ERECT REMIX CHART Tankman Week 7 FNF MOD [HARD/Fanmade.

  17. Gotta love gegcoin , such amazing content!
    Love what you are doing , keep it up!!!

  18. This makes me wonder what will the tankman erect remix week would actually sound like we'll if tankman gets an erect remix week

  19. I miss the days when the only two popular mods were Whitty and B-Sides. Those were the days before the shitty YT kids content, amazing animations, the Skye controversy, and the fandom was still fresh and unruined. I miss the days

  20. Bf turns into a freak when he’s erect…

  21. If BF didn't slipslide everywhere, this would easily bump it up to a 10, but otherwise, everything else slaps. 🤩

  22. Holy crap a hecking Dankmen reference!! XD

  23. Absolutely love the way how this started with BF immediately stealing the show with amazing vocals, that sounded soo good!

  24. yo someone finally got the erect remix style right

  25. Genial! El Remix Es Brutal Y Pega Muy Bien 10 de 10!👌💥

  26. This Remix is great,
    These Erect Remixs are great,
    But the Idea of “Erect” Is Gross…
    Im Ace, Also Im Gender Neutral,
    My Pronouns are They/Them,
    Neither Gender is attractive to me!
    Im not attracted to Girls or Boys,
    Im not interested in
    having a partner, Because I dont want a partner!
    Im asexual, And I only
    like yuri hentai!

  27. Official erect remixes are coming in 5 days like in that teaser trailer that ninja muffin posted in the video it said that the date was April 30th so yeah the erect is coming in 5 days yay

  28. I came here because PhantomArcade reacted to this in his recent Twitch stream.

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