Friday Night Funkin': Don't Listen Official MV vs V1, V2 [VS Amanda Fanmade Playable/FNF Mod] -

Friday Night Funkin’: Don’t Listen Official MV vs V1, V2 [VS Amanda Fanmade Playable/FNF Mod]

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Friday Night Funkin’ Don’t Listen but now it’s official! The Amanda The Adventurer MV has been finished and released by Team Neutron and holy hell that’s good! To be able to see the MV clearly in its final version is amazing! This is fanmade playable of course. In this video I also include a comparison of Don’t Listen V1 V2 VS Official version so we can clearly see the difference!
00:00 Preview & Intro
00:19 Menu
00:30 Don’t Listen Song
0:58 Listen to me…!
1:25 Sequence 2
1:47 Sequence 3 – Amanda
2:40 Sequence 4
3:07 Sequence 5 – Final
4:08 Don’t Listen Official VS V1 vs V2
7:46 Outro
Don’t Listen – Official MV Fanmade (VS Amanda The Adventurer)
Fanmade Creators:
polliko23yt – owner
zokx – MV update
Jakeneutron – og creator of song
toastymarshmellow – voices
Meelz – voices
#fnfmod #dontlisten #amandaFNF
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  1. Bro that was FIRE🔥🔥🔥
    Please make more🔥🔥🔥

  2. Dawn Amanda you killing it MA GOSH DONT MIND ME LISTENING TO THIS 2 HOURS ❤😂❤😂❤

  3. Porque en uno de los televisores está pibby

  4. It's a great mod, but I think the creator of it should probably make more parts where the player can sing, even if it will change the song lyrics

  5. Dont listen: Literally just releases
    Fnf: time to copy this guy in 1 literal second

  6. Grave tu veux veux pas pas me me me dire quand quand je je suis en train je te dis j

  7. Tu Tu es en toi je veux pas que toi je veux te souhaites de me dire quand quand même même pas je veux pas pas que toi je veux je veux te faire des choses que toi je veux je veux pas pas que que je je me me mette une ☝️☝️ et toi je veux pas pas que que je je suis une ☝️☝️ que que toi toi je veux je veux que que toi je veux que que toi j’ai j’ai rien compris que toi toi je veux je veux pas que je je t’aime t’aime tu es un ☝️ que que toi je veux que que toi je veux je je veux je t’aime t’aime tu tu es es une fille ☝️ qui qui me veux dit que je suis te une une fille fille que tu tu es es une une fille et et tu tu es es en en vacances et et que que que que je je veux

  8. Ye but i only get the music the imges dont even open is just black screen

  9. Amanda and wlooy in Friday night funkin ahh Amanda

  10. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  11. 0:16


    wooly: ok….

    Bro I really laugh for this part😅

  12. I would have thought you would play as amanda, not wolly, since then you get to be more active in the song and you starting the song is normal in fnf modding now

  13. It’s like one of those videos like triple trouble got me like

  14. Why is everyone complaining at the video?

  15. Why did pibby show up in one of the tv

  16. They need to make a version where they're friends

  17. On the original I commented “we need this as an fnf mod” few weeks latter, this comes out.


  18. How did you find the link? pls someone or @LuLGamingg pls tell me
    Edit: nvm I have to download it but of course EVERY single GREAT thing is for PCs and not MACBOOKS. Smh, oh well

  19. I had an idea for a don’t listen mod where all of it other than the start point was the musical noises

  20. Кто такая аманда

  21. Yo this is now my favorite video game song

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