Friday Night Funkin' - Dine 'N' Dash FULL WEEK - FNF MODS [HARD] -

Friday Night Funkin’ – Dine ‘N’ Dash FULL WEEK – FNF MODS [HARD]

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00:00 – Preview
00:12 – Order Up
02:40 – Payback
05:35 – Error
07:39 – Robattle
10:07 – Prototype
13:20 – Johndoechrome

Uh oh, it seems that you didn’t bring any money with you, and you can’t leave Tess’s diner unless you beat her in a rap battle!

Mod Link:

Submitter: EllisBros

Director, Artist & Animator: Offbi

Composer for “Order Up”, “Payback” & “Error”& Voice of Roger: Rapwned

Composer for “Prototype” & Voice of Tess: Prinny

Composer & Charter for “Robattle” & Edited Release Trailer: Rareblin

Programmer: SolScribbles

Main Charter: Wired_Wolf

Main Tess sprites & Animator: FifLeo

Robattle Modchart: Shadow Mario

Writer & Edited Reveal Trailer: EllisBros

Jenny Chromatic: bbpanzu

Monochrome Song: The Lullaby Mod Dev Team

Psych Engine: The Psych Engine Team

Discord Server [SEND ME MODS TO PLAY]:


Friday Night Funkin’ gameplay
1080p 60fps 4k Ultra HD 2022 2160p
#FridayNightFunkin #FNF #FNFMod


  1. 5:35 is looks like Whitty moment. But I think Tabi moment is sheep skull head man says "WHUAHAHAHAHAHA! You think, I Can't destroy you? I will destroy you!" get's the detonator "HA!!!" BOOM sheep skull head man exploses the airport, be cause he places more bombs and freezes everybody scream , fire alert beeps

  2. Glad people don’t know this as “the mod by the guy who made those parappa videos”

  3. the reason that i liked this video is because garcello is there, and thats all that matters.7:40 jenny: i found you, faker!tess: faker? i think YOUR the fake robot around here!

  4. Now I think there should be a cover of Phan-tasm or Confronting Yourself between Jenny and Tess. Why are they mad at each other here though? Because they look like each other?

  5. i checked the wiki and it just says that cupid and tess are apparently dating

  6. Why couldn’t BF use rapping as the form of payment, like it was at Cole Verse for Salty when HE forgot to bring his own wallet? That’s the lore of week 5 of Salty’s Sunday Night. & Order Up is even the name of a song in that week! I think someone said once that it’s the “Cole Verse theme song”.

  7. 5:42 Sr. Pelo, if you’re reading this, can you do better than what’s at the time stamp? Any-way, her voice afterwards kind of sounds like a Pibby voice.

  8. i love how the entire point of the mod is that bf can't pay for his food. like, bro. have frickin money before you eat

  9. Her mod is finally out, im waiting since funky foward

  10. Tnx for playing This mod is was so cool 👍!

  11. Garcelo is like just enjoying his last food, and whitty like 😠 I'm angry but not Soo angry so I will eat this burger 🍔

  12. !!
    Thank you for doing a video of our mod!

  13. yooooo thanks for playing our mod!!!!!!
    i hope ya enjoyed it!!!

  14. This Mod is so cool and on the first song Garcello is eating in the background

  15. Random (totally legit) review: mod pretty nice art, music gud, not bad


  17. Ok so that was Dine 'N' Dash FULL WEEK FNF MOD [HARD] and this is a really fun and well done mod I like the songs they're all really good and the art is really nice and the backgrounds have allot of details and even other mod characters in there like garcello and Whitty it's really great and the Freeplay was fantastic as well and there's other good stuff here but yeah Really well done and fun Dine 'N' Dash FULL WEEK FNF MOD [HARD].

  18. Tbh I can't really blame BF here, had I not known Tess was their own thing I would've mistaken her as a character from MLATR too lmao, this entire mod was exciting and really cool! Prototype was both a banger and a very interesting song, it really makes you realize how dangerous and uncontrollable these robots were in their early stages. It'd be awesome to learn more about Tess and possible other prototypes that haven't been shown.

  19. Oh my god, high quality mods are being churned out left and right

  20. I See Whitty and Garcello
    in the Background,
    Nice Reference, I like this FNF
    {Friday Night Funkin} Mod!

  21. 15:17
    Is He Saying “Im Dead”
    Because thats what Im Hearing,
    But Im not sure,
    What is He Saying?

  22. So did the person in prototype suffer the same fate as Mark did with the alternate and is now the male bot in Johndoechrome??

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