Friday Night Funkin' - Charlie brown - FNF MODS [VERY HARD] -

Friday Night Funkin’ – Charlie brown – FNF MODS [VERY HARD]

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all the sprite by Robby

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  1. this new mid fight masses update is awesome (look at the tags)

  2. I really want to make this a full mod that would be epic

  3. this reminds me of boring song – Vs. dave and bambi: PSA (pi__ sh__ a__) edition crisis

  4. The instrumental is pretty good,Could’ve used a motif from the peanuts theme.

  5. The new imposter update is looking sick (look at the tags)

  6. Top 10 bst Saturday day grooving song

  7. The fact that Charlie’s voice is just a bunch of random sound effects (mainly screaming) makes this song so much better

  8. ollie ticehurst sonic yes pinkfong no says:

    I feel like your mods are just joke mods but I like them especially the danger mouse one

  9. Best made on 1 second but better of indle cross v3

  10. this shit bussin! blasting it through my whip for the whole block to hear!

  11. if top 10 awesome replies to this I will faint

  12. This gives vs spong vibes the name of this opponent aka fake Charlie is bharlie crown

  13. I want to see a matt cover of this (both of their vocals are sound effects)

  14. I honestly think this is a step up. The instrumentals are quiet enough to where you can hear the vocals, but not so quiet that it’s inaudible. And the vocals are actually pretty well executed. Keep it up, Top 10!

  15. This music is great! You've must've worked hard on this!

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