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FNF | Vs Unbeatable Ultimate Game System – Vs Mario’s Madness V2 | Mods/Hard/Gameplay |

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Key Authors
Marco Antonio
Director – Artist

Dewott2501 uPic
Coder – Charter

Voice of KINGF0X
Composer #1 – Voice Actor

Composer #2

Voice Actor

Character Credits
Mario 85′ Team
Credits for MX Character and the fangame

Credits for “I Hate You” Luigi Character

Credits for ???

made the original image of Mario.exe (Super Horror Mario)

Special Thanks
Shadow Mario uPic
Author of Psych Engine

Friday Night Funkin’: Mario’s Madness V2

Please help the original creators of the game.

Friday Night Funkin’ is made by ninjamuffin99 (programmer), PhantomArcade (animator), kawaisprite (musician), and evilsk8r (artist)

Pico is created by Tom Fulp
Skid and Pump are created by SrPelo
BassetFilms did music for lemon monster songs

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  1. 😮‍💨I somehow did this song first try . . . I’m pretty proud of myself for it

  2. Now I can understand why this is appreciated the beat itself and having four separate parts is extremely incredible

  3. I love the part when he says you can't beat Nintendo

  4. rolon que bueno que lo cambiaron y no dejaron que nova64 hiciera esta cancion que buen cambioooooooooooooo

  5. Después del legendario modo historia del mario madness V2. Nos dejaron un temazo que dura +de 10 minutos y es increíble 😎👏.

    Por poco y se te olvidaba Ruisna 😂.
    Espero y la pasaras de lo mejor con tus seres queridos y te hayas divertido 🎄

  6. This whole secret song is actually based on an obscure Australian Nintendo commercial from the 80s, with those characters proclaiming they can't be beaten and challenging players to prove them wrong.

  7. Esta cancion quedaria mejor si los personajes fueran aquellos que mario.exe vencio, como hipno, mickey, etc contra boyfriend.

  8. De mis canciones favoritas del mod y de fnf en general(me refiero a los mods)

  9. 1.esta cancion es de mis favoritas y me gusta ese estilo 3D que tienen boyfriend y girlfriend

    2.tengo una idea de un cover hace mucho tiempo es mario.exe cantando mirror mode(confronting yourself mario mix)contra mario

  10. Me pregunto si quedaria bien esto con los personajes de triple trouble, si se hace bien diria que tal vez


  12. A small detail that i love is that the song is just as its name says unbeatable even if you perfect it it will always in in a perfect tie.

  13. “…Are you stealing my soul while I watch you?”

  14. We are nintendo, cannot beat nintendo, cannot beat nintendo, its your end-o(?)

  15. in part two before you can not beat us starts bf’s side is darker than duckhunt dog’s side

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