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FNF vs Mickey Mouse – Unknown Suffering (Full Combo)(Wednesday’s Infidelity) (FNF Mods)

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Mickey Mouse is going insane.

Didn’t expect to get an FC in this song too.

Join us to see the sad adventure of Mickey Mouse, being absorbed by drugs after seeing his girlfriend with another man.

Bf will try his best to keep him alive, as they fight rap battles.

Director, musician. Charter of Unknown Suffering. – Jhaix

Co Director of the mod, coder. Charter of Wistfulness & Dejection. – Cape

Animator and artist of the mod. – Zero Animation

Background Artist. – ZetaE

Logo artist and extras. – Nugget

Code Help. – Jloor

Voice Actor – KINGF0X

Discord Server:

#Battered #action #retro

Wednesday’s Infidelity [PART 1] FNF
by Ckape @Ckape

#fnf #topgameplay


  1. we can now call this the old version now

  2. The fact that the left and down notes are literally mickey tugging a noose tied around his neck is disturbing

  3. There are a lot of references

    1. Left Unchecked tempo and starter
    2.Defeat reference
    3.the board says “I’m dead” referencing the the in Hypnos lullaby called monochrome

  4. For some reason, I sometimes hear Tankman…
    POV: ur rewatching ur childhood but in a creepy way
    Edit: wow thsm creator!!!!!

  5. I have no idea why this song remind me of skinny legs on my feet shadows begin to grow AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAÀAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaAAAAA

  6. 1:02 I love that despite these notes being so spammy, it still somehow sounds good.

  7. The crazy phase looks like when he drinks alcohol

  8. This shows that if you combine a bunch fnf songs you can get sick results

  9. 1:08 Doesn’t this just satisfy you when he hits all the notes

  10. For those who think mickey is pulling his tail in unknown suffering, that's um… not his tail-
    If you really want to know what it is I recommend slowing the video down and looking at his neck. Pause if needed.

  11. when the world has no pizza this is me

  12. Unknown suffering song it's so good

  13. Wednesday easily has one of the best vocals of fnf


  15. I really want to call wi bf in this mod “Grandfriend” because it is bf’s grandpa after all..

  16. when i go to disneyland i will not look at mickey the same way again

  17. الـٓــمَ..؟لـِكَــ!؟..ـة🐸 says:

    Its just Me when i Saw a guy with rare things try to battle Me but i took a sryinge and i will went crazy on em and win the battle and steal his rare items

  18. My opinion: why Mickey sounds so violent is cause he’s yelling and that messes up his vocal cords to make him sound so violent

  19. •l••l••• •l•••l•l •l••ll•• •l•l•••• says:

    Have anyone any idea what chromatic scale was used in 'Unknow Suffering Song'?

    I noticed isn't the classic one.

  20. at 0.75 speed it looks like more a action movie chase scene

  21. This song makes me cry because there's someone who understands my pain but isn't real

  22. Something this song does to me is that the vocals sound really good, but then the vocals start to sound like it was thrown in there just to fit the beginning part

  23. Can someone please explain this creepypasta if it even is one

  24. If anyone makes a fnaf version of this song use the souls of the children or maybe Cassidy/Golden freddy (I dunno it’s just advice)

  25. If anyone makes a fnaf version of this song use the souls of the children or maybe Cassidy/Golden freddy (I dunno it’s just advice)

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