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FNF | Vs Mario’s Madness V2 – MX RETURNS + ALL STARS | Mods/Hard/Gameplay |

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Key Authors
Marco Antonio
Director – Artist

Dewott2501 uPic
Coder – Charter

Voice of KINGF0X
Composer #1 – Voice Actor

Composer #2

Voice Actor

Character Credits
Mario 85′ Team
Credits for MX Character and the fangame

Credits for “I Hate You” Luigi Character

Credits for ???

made the original image of Mario.exe (Super Horror Mario)

Special Thanks
Shadow Mario uPic
Author of Psych Engine

Friday Night Funkin’: Mario’s Madness V2

Please help the original creators of the game.

Friday Night Funkin’ is made by ninjamuffin99 (programmer), PhantomArcade (animator), kawaisprite (musician), and evilsk8r (artist)

Pico is created by Tom Fulp
Skid and Pump are created by SrPelo
BassetFilms did music for lemon monster songs

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00:00 Inicio
0:39 Subscribe/Members
0:50 Menu
2:03 Cutscenes
5:30 It’s A Me
9:15 Cutscenes
9:47 Starman Slaughter
11:38 Peach Is Here!
12:40 Mario Is Here!
13:40 Cutscenes
15:10 So Cool
18:00 Grand Dad
21:05 Mario Sing And Game Rythm
25:08 ALONE
29:52 Cutscenes
30:02 OH GOD NO
32:45 Cutscenes
33:01 I HATE YOU
41:50 Last Course
45:00 Dark Forest
47:44 BAD DAY
51:20 DAY OUT
55:10 Cutscenes
55:25 Dictator
58:10 RaceTraitors
1:00:25 No Hope
1:03:45 Golden Land
1:06:19 Paranoia
1:10:50 Cutscenes
1:11:27 OverDue
1:15:20 No Party
1:18:38 PowerDown
1:22:10 Cutscenes
1:22:25 DEMISE
1:26:09 Cutscenes
1:26:50 Promotion
1:30:06 Cutscenes
1:30:20 Abandoned
1:34:02 Cutscenes
1:34:10 THE END
1:36:29 Cutscenes
1:38:40 ALL-STARS (ACT 1)
1:40:28 ALL-STARS (ACT 2)
1:42:35 ALL-STARS (ACT 3)
1:44:34 Cutscenes
1:44:44 ALL-STARS (ACT 4)
1:47:24 Credits
1:50:28 Subscribe/Thanks


  1. Did my man grow a 3 hand for no party? Because both of his hands were on da key board unless i am missing something

  2. Bad ending or not this is amazing Imagine a Mario Madness V3 in the future it’s gonna be very fire

  3. I know this is gonna sound stupid, but I just don't think race traitors v2 is is as good or funny as v1. I'm sorry, but I think race traitors v1 was funny, especially with how Mario sounded throughout the song.

  4. And in the end none of them survived except pico.

  5. i can,t believe bf just went their to die. he did not give up sonic.exe. and now that we saw horror mar, he,s stronger than sonic.exe.

  6. I honestly watching this I had a idea of a Cover of lord x and faker singing oh god no

  7. In the future (probaly):
    Sonic.exe:ugh,the sqme day the same bullsh!t(hears some noise) wait! What the?
    Mario.exe:you! Give some beer,i want to get drunk today! Is it eveb free?
    The bartender:yes,it is
    Mario.exe:then it's on!
    Sonic.exe:what happend?
    Mario.exe:my mod got deleted because of some dipsh!t kid said" iT's NoW a DeAd CrEePyPaStA,iT dOeSn'T dEsErVe To Be A mOd" and even protested tha mr.l's and mx's songs were not finished,but mx's second level exit it isn't finished,and more,every mod that has a me .exe got even cancelled as well
    Sonic.exe:"sigh" great every creepypasta of the internet got cancelled in fnf
    Mario.exe:wait! Why are you saying-(notices mickey mouse) even you?!
    Mickey mouse:yes i got cancelled for the same reason as you
    Mario.exe:great! Everthing in the fnf community is now f#@ked! And it's because of that kid and that wh0re of his girlfriend
    Sonic.exe:i know but look at the bright side,mx is back with their friends
    Mario.exe:maybe you're right
    Sonic.exe:wanna still get drunk like you said?
    Sonic.exe:then let's do it
    (And in the end they got grunk that in the next day they had a hangover,but it was worth it.
    Also fnf is totally f$#@ed up)

  8. It would be fun to let them comr back as ghost

  9. I love Starmans slughter it's a banger i love the guitar.

  10. The end was just sad,and cruel.everyone put rip bf and gf😢

  11. Nah bruh let the developers cook bro they actually make a masterpiece 🔥🔥 they making out the mushroom kingdom with this one

  12. They finally got fighting in the game now. Wow.

  13. Algo que le da puntos extra a este mod es que no terminó cancelado o a medio terminar como la mayoría, este definitivamente es de los MEJORES en TODO FNF, junto a otros grandes como Indie Cross, Hypno´s Lullaby y el de Sonic.EXE💖👏🤩

  14. Bro…..they literally took all of the creepypasta they could in one mod!!!! This is glorious

  15. CN lost episodes It's better than the virgin Mario's madness

  16. a short story at the beginning of Mario says that if Bf sings 3 songs he will let him go, but on the 3rd song Bf runs away without finishing the song, thereby violating the contract

  17. Who thought it was a GOOD idea to scrap the good ending like bruh at least have pico there and have all three escape in a warp pipe home and destroy the cartridge ULTRA M can beat them in a fight but not in a rap battle! HE DOESN'T HAVE BARS!

  18. I missed SPECIAL FOR YOU creepypasta there

  19. 4:15 is anyone else laughing at GF being all"stand back, I got this" one minute and then getting the L tossed at her?

  20. they took the best part of golden land out, the guitar solo😢

  21. Latín Spanish:
    Los autores de este Mod le dedicaron Amor y y tiempo y trajeron Lo que verdaderamente un Terror Mod merece
    Hasta demostraron que Solo Mario.EXE en la Fase final mata a BF
    Realmente lo lograron
    English: The authors of this Mod dedicated Love and time to it and brought what a Terror Mod truly deserves
    They even showed that Solo Mario.EXE in the Final Phase kills BF
    They really did it

  22. Классное видео про Марио!👍🎩👍💥

  23. Классное видео про Марио!👍🎩👍💥

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