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FNF Smoke ‘Em Out Struggle Album | VS Garcello (Original)

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Tight bars, little man…

Here are the songs from Smoke ‘Em Out Struggle! Glad you enjoy the mod my friend and I made.
Download it here:
Isolated Vocals:

I used Ableton Live 10 Lite, UTAU, and Audacity to make the songs.

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  1. AAHHHH i love Garcellos voice, when i had bad day or Im tired i listen to this playlist and just keep dancin` and keep felling and thinking good!!!!

  2. this is going to be the first mod I play when I get a pc

  3. ㅤᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠﹰ says:


  4. Anyone still listening to this? This gives me memories from last year playing the mod and listening to the music and here I am still listening to it! 😀

  5. ガルチェロの落ち着いた声が心地好い✨

  6. I love how when Garcello fucking dies, BF is just like: “Ah yes, time to spit bars onto a corpse”

  7. This mod, more than any other, sounds so much like BF is enjoying himself. He probably really liked this dude, normally everyone tries to kill him XD

  8. Happy 1 Year Anniversary of "Tight Bars, Little Man"!

  9. Both HEADACHE and RELEASE are one of my favourites song, and still Is to this very day! 😀

  10. 1 year ago from today this was released

  11. It's crazy that it's been exacly 1 year since this came out, time really does fly

  12. Garcello reminds me of Corazón from One Piece quite a bit

  13. other mods: insane difficulty

    Garcello: depression

  14. This sounds like a lulliby but it has likes meaning and a lesson in it

  15. Exactly 1 year now that this mod is out and… Really it’s still one of the best 💥

  16. Happy one year birthday Garcello you'r songs are still a banger

  17. Headache Legacy
    Nerves Legacy
    Release Legacy
    Fading Legacy

  18. Yoooo I'm a lil late but 1 whole yearhas passed since the making of this! Woo:)

  19. Most other FNF-charackters: "Beep beep beep"

    Garcello: "Sounds like telling a story"

  20. POV: U put this on and instantly calm down, relax and just enjoy❤😊

  21. Жаль этого добряка

  22. Garcello looks like my dad with the hat hair and beard and cigerate

  23. ❤2 is a beautiful song on my life ❤

  24. the only mod i like of this game even so i don't like FNF.

  25. Imma be honest, if the mod ended with Release, it would still be memorable no doubt, but it wouldn't really hit you in the feels too hard.

    … And then Fading plays. Fading legit made me cry the first time I played the mod, especially seeing Garcello's ghost… Well, fade away, with the sunrise in the background. It's not even anywhere near difficult as the rest of the mod, and it wasn't really too bad to begin with. Just one last slow song to say goodbye to Garcello.

  26. listened to this when I was going through a rough end of a friendship, calmed me down

    and now I’m listening it to again now, but this time, it’s the end of a relationship

    history really likes to repeat itself sometimes.. God, I’ll miss her

  27. Garcello's birthday was 3 days ago, so happy existence day to my favorite fnf mod

  28. Garcello is like a father screw glamrock freddy

  29. Hello there, Gen Beta here! I just come to say that I really enjoy this type of music, it's calming and pretty future-proof as of early 2030s.

    Listening on my chip right now 😌 👌 🗨

  30. and that all only because someone taught garcello how to blow

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