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FNF Release But Different Characters Sing It 🎤 (Everyone Sings Release)

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Release But Different Characters Sing It 🎤 (Everyone Sings Last Hope)
In this video you will see Release but Every Opponent’s Turn a Different Character Sings. Not FNF Ugh But Different Characters Sing It or Expurgation But Different Characters Sing It but hope you enjoy it anyway!

Mods used:

➽ Smoke ‘Em Out Struggle [FULL WEEK] | VS Garcello

➽ VS. Pinkie

➽ FNF vs/Big Chungus

➽ The Full-Ass Tricky Mod

➽ Friday Night Funkin’ ONLINE VS. [HANK UPDATE]

➽ Vs Arch

➽ Entity Origins: BREAKOUT

➽ Cyber Sensation [FunkJam]

➽ literally every fnf mod ever (Vs Bob)

➽ Vs. Fizz [Full week]

➽ VS. KAPI – Arcade Showdown

➽ Friday Night Funkin’ – Vs. RetroSpecter PART ONE


➽ Vs. Ace (Full week)

➽ V.S. AGOTI Full Week

➽ Friday Night Funkin’ – Vs Void


➽ FNF – Vs. KadeDev

➽ Blantados Skin Mod

➽ VS. Bob & Bosip: The Expansion Update

➽ Friday Night Fever

➽ Vs Henry Stickmin 3.0

➽ Vs Nonsense [Full Week]

➽ VS Impostor V3

➽ V.S Zardy

➽ The Date Week

Friday Night Funkin Release
FNF but everyone sings Release
FNF Release but everyone sings it
FNF Release but every turn a different cover is used

Cover made by Sharv in FL Studio
This video its inspired in Blantados, Neonight and SHAvibe

#FNF #FridayNightFunkin #Garcello


  1. I just love the character bob tiky garcello amoraltra tankman Hank imposter zardy yea

  2. BBPanzu singed awesome!, The Kapi's DDR Pad sounded nice!, Agoti, and Void were nice too!, and don't forget Zardy, and Withroll!

  3. Is noob form roblox (crossing my road)

  4. Retro and dust sans was good, retro used to do undertale covers I’m pretty sure, so that was a nice touch

  5. my favorite character is garcello 🥰😍😎

  6. I gotta say my favorite covers are Tricky Nonsense and Fever

  7. Time stamps:
    0:01 Start – Garcello and BF
    0:20: Pinkie and Chungus
    0:28: Tricky and Hank
    0:36: Arch and Bbpanzu
    0:44: Daidem and 06
    0:52: Taeyai and Bob
    1:00: Fizz and Kapi
    1:14: Retrospecter and Dust Sans
    1:20: Ace and Agoti
    1:28: Void and Noob (best sounding in my opinion)
    1:47: Garcello’s ‘Tight bars little man’
    1:48: KadeDev and Blantados
    1:52: Amor and BF
    1:56: Tankman and Fever
    2:04: Henry Stickmin and Nonsense
    2:12: Red Imposter and Zardy
    2:20: Carol and Whitty (date week)

  8. Я рууский но ты крутой

  9. Где это девушка там роблокс

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