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FNF Playtime – But Everyone Sings It 🎀 (Different Characters Sing It)VS Huggy Wuggy

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In this video you will see how different characters sing playtime, that is, Different characters sings it but each opponent sings a different character. Not FNF ejected, different characters sing or My battle, but characters sing, but hope you enjoy it anyway!

Thanks for watching ΰ² β—‘ΰ² 

GenoX – -…
Blantados – …

Mods used:
β–ͺ️V.S Huggy Wuggy HD

β–ͺ️V.S ONLINE VS Hank –
β–ͺ️V.S QT Mod – …
β–ͺ️V.S Bob and Bosip – …
β–ͺ️V.S. AGOTI Full Week

β–ͺ️ V.S. TABI Ex Boyfriend

β–ͺ️VS The Full-Ass Tricky Mod

β–ͺ️VS Friday Night Funkin’ ONLINE VS. [HANK UPDATE]

β–ͺ️VS Flippy FULL WEEK (Cutscenes!) Mod Download link:

β–ͺ️VS Void
β–ͺ️VS Fizz
β–ͺ️VS Kapi
β–ͺ️VS Zardy

β–ͺ️VS Eleted
β–ͺ️VS Bendy

β–ͺ️VS Squid game
Mod for Friday Night Funkin’

β–ͺ️VS MickeyMouse.exe: …
β–ͺ️VS. Sonic.Exe:
β–ͺ️VS Pinkie

β–ͺ️VS Arch

β–ͺ️VS HD Sonic

β–ͺ️VS Herobrine

β–ͺ️VS Mokey

β–ͺ️VS Gets Troll Tails

β–ͺ️VS MickeyMouse.exe:
β–ͺ️VS The Shaggy

β–ͺ️VS Huggy Wuggy

β–ͺ️VS UnderSwap Sans,Papyrus

β–ͺ️VS Shrek

β–ͺ️VS Mickey Vs Sans

β–ͺ️VS Little Man Two

Thank you for watching my videos:-)

The end

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    Good lord, this song was shit compared to what we have now, but at least the covers make it somewhat tolerable.

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  15. 0:20 Huggy Wuggy and Boyfriend
    0:37 Freddy and Circus Baby
    0:42 Mickey.Avi and Sans
    0:46 Green imposter and Mickey mouse colored
    0:50 Shaggy ultra instinct and Matt
    0:55 Zardy and Cablecrow
    1:03 Auditor and Tricky phase 4
    1:12 Sonic and Sonic.Exe
    1:30 Agoti and Tabi
    1:47 Garcello and Annie
    1:56 Fliqpy and Eteled
    2:05 Herobrine and Steve (Minecraft)
    2:22 Trolled Tails and Majin Sonic
    2:26 Mokey and Grooby
    2:31 Ruv and Sarvente
    2:35 Whitty and Carol
    2:40 Henry Stickmin and Charles Calvin
    2:49 Tankman and Steve
    2:57 Squid game guard and Bbpanzu
    3:14 Tricky and Hank

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  17. huggy wuggy I play that game is so much fun❀

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