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FNF MOD: Vs IMPOSTOR v4 – Delusion (FC) + Cutscenes

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Vs Impostor v4 (update)
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Friday Night Funkin’ – Tricky Corrupted Mod [HARD] [FULL WEEK]


  1. soy el unico que esta cancion le recuerda a you cant run?

  2. It will sound strange, but the background of the song has a resemblance to one of the sections of the dark mantis level in mega man x8

  3. 0:32 what everyone hears: too slow/endless
    What i hear: super sonic smackdown extraporlator

  4. I love how black gave grey his own little traffic cone

  5. Its crazy how you can tell who killed which crewmates with Black and Grey. Since grey isn't an imposter, he doesn't have the kill finished body animation. (Bottom Half Character with the bone peeking out) Because of this, when grey kills, it actually looks gruesome. You can tell that Black killed the one resting by the open door and Grey murdered the rest.

  6. There is no 2:09 and why do people say 1:40 is beginning of song what does that mean

  7. If this song got 900 million views i will giveaway 1 billion cash to everyone

  8. black the impostor who could make an crewmate impostor (he’s an monster and knows)

  9. For me this is the best song in the mod

    2:09 For me this is the best part

    1:40 beginning of the song

  10. Me di cuenta que hace referencia a too slow de sonic.exe

  11. Mataron a gf y a muchos y pobrecito el impostor de color negro por que se fue el que lo cuidaba

  12. Llore Por el Pasado de Gray
    😭🤧😭🤧 Pobrecito!!!!

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