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FNF MOD: Vs IMPOSTOR v4 – Delusion (FC) + Cutscenes

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Vs Impostor v4 (update)
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Friday Night Funkin’ – Tricky Corrupted Mod [HARD] [FULL WEEK]


  1. Delusion with lyrics———————————-"Hehehehe…"Looks like I found some new prey,Now you are caught in the fray,You are gonna die todayBy me, and then your corpse will SOON DECAY!"3, 2, 1, DIE!!"You're in the gaze of a violent killer,Let's go, time to bring the martyr,In the end, you will not get farther,You will not escape this ruthless murderer!Stalking, stalking,Killing, killing,No crewmates willEscape alive,They will not seeWhat just hit them,And no one willEver survive!You won't live this one, runtI am going to catch you,So I suggest that you runBefore I shove this knife throughYour whole body as your bloodAnd brains splatter all over the place!I don't even care who it isThat I stab right in the face!You might consider me insane or demented,I'm only doing what I was taught,My actions I no longer repent!No one will ever trust you,And you will never see that through,The only thing you'll see me doIs shove my weapon right through you!Your win's just a delusion,You'll see some illusions!Now you will feel intense painIn a few moments!Stalking, stalkingKilling, killing,I'll rip your headRight off your shoulders,You will not seeWho just killed you,But just know thatIt's no imposter!Once I am finished with you,The other crewmates will be my next victims,My blade will slice right through them all,And next thing they know, all of them will fall!You are only stalling your inevitable fate…Soon all of you will realizeThat it's already too late,And that all of this was all just bait!

  2. At 0:32 there is a reference to the song "Too slow Encore" from the mod Sonic.exe restore

  3. The less painful way bf has out of this situation is to call a meeting.Yeah Black and Grey will vote him out but at the very least death by space should be painless compared to what Grey could do….Actually nevermind, Black and Grey could just skip the vote lmao.There is no hope huh?

  4. If anyone is wondering why the boyfriend here is the only crewmate and the round has not ended, gray is a crewmate too and the game counts him as a crewmate, (cause he's a pet mini crewmate kid thingy) but there was 2 impostors, red and black red was murdered and turned to 1 now gray and black KILLED ALMOST EVERYONE and then left with bf, it's bf or gray dying but gray is now the son of black and black has a huge grudge with bf so there targeting him and then if they Kill him they win except gray cause he's crewmate hope that helped anyone

  5. I like the part where it has that "you cant run " motif from sonic.exe

  6. Is the fact that is the only song that fits 4 grey

  7. Amigo wtf con los enfermos que dicen que hay referencia a too slow

  8. It will sound strange, but the background of the song has a resemblance to one of the sections of the dark mantis level in mega man x8

  9. Plot twist: the gray poses are similar to black poses in double kill

  10. soy el unico que esta cancion le recuerda a you cant run?

  11. 0:32 what everyone hears: too slow/endless
    What i hear: super sonic smackdown extraporlator

  12. I love how black gave grey his own little traffic cone

  13. Its crazy how you can tell who killed which crewmates with Black and Grey. Since grey isn't an imposter, he doesn't have the kill finished body animation. (Bottom Half Character with the bone peeking out) Because of this, when grey kills, it actually looks gruesome. You can tell that Black killed the one resting by the open door and Grey murdered the rest.

  14. There is no 2:09 and why do people say 1:40 is beginning of song what does that mean

  15. If this song got 900 million views i will giveaway 1 billion cash to everyone

  16. black the impostor who could make an crewmate impostor (he’s an monster and knows)

  17. For me this is the best song in the mod

    2:09 For me this is the best part

    1:40 beginning of the song

  18. Me di cuenta que hace referencia a too slow de sonic.exe

  19. Mataron a gf y a muchos y pobrecito el impostor de color negro por que se fue el que lo cuidaba

  20. Llore Por el Pasado de Gray
    😭🤧😭🤧 Pobrecito!!!!

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