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FNF Mod: Tofu by SuperiorFox

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not posting the download, go find it on twitter unless you’re under 18


  1. He doesn't have any cake, HE'S THE ENTIRE FUCKING BAKERY

  2. Furnace: you may only spank it once

  3. Wait is furnace a girl there or a boy I dunno

  4. Damn that factory can stop world hunger

  5. this song is literally just eye-catching 2.0
    the song is a banger but the sprites are very very eye-catching

  6. .__. Oh my god calm down me…
    Pls calm down me…
    Oh my got metal FURNACE WHY

  7. GREAT NOW I HAVE A #### ON!!!
    -_- im no longer friends with the guy who told me to search this

  8. Furnace: I baked a cake
    SuperiorFox: what cake? 🙂

  9. … I thought this was gonna be another scary mod and I'm greeted with furnace getting smacked and soon after I see cheeks lol

  10. Honestly aside from A S S, this seems like something that would happen if starved was actually in a sonic cartoon

  11. Well this is cringe furnace is not my favorite anymore

  12. ay nah your gonna make me search some stuff that im gonna regret

  13. dude why those huge metal balls are in furnace is back

  14. "Wait does starved is a Vegetarian?"

  15. Metal sonic is out there, crying from this

  16. Is no one gonna talk about how furnace is now a girl

  17. furnace be looking more like a blast furnace zayum

  18. Ignoring Furnace’s *ahem* “modifications”, let’s take a moment for Starved actually trying something that isn’t meat.

  19. estimated lore:Eggman is getting something to eat furnace gets some veggies since there instead any meat to eat anymore so Eggman has his regular fit while furnace tries to tell Eggman to eat his veggies ironically sounding like a mom

  20. I think I know what I'm doing tonight

  21. so this is the meaning of starved saying "I love men"

  22. disturbing fact: the artist for tofu draws R34…

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