FNF MOD: [Return Funkin/Vs. Whitty: Definitive Edition] Whitty vs BF | UNTOLD LONELINESS - tori-games.com

FNF MOD: [Return Funkin/Vs. Whitty: Definitive Edition] Whitty vs BF | UNTOLD LONELINESS

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The Return Funkin Vs Whitty

——————– The Return Funkin demo ———————-

The mod is a revival of old mods

It tells the story of bf’s return to the past to meet his old friends,

whom he challenged in a rap challenge

And the first person to encounter this mod is Whitty

Which was the first mod that appeared in the game

**LINK & CREATORS**The Return Funkin Vs Whitty

badre – Artist – Composer – Programmer:

Flixy – Composer and Charter – cluste – gallant:

hazy_is_dead – Composer – oxide:

Mari – Artist – loading screen:

tiyara – Artist – loading screen:

RuvStyle – Charter:

Headman – Charter-Bomblitz – Low Revs:

Slendermanix2 – Programmer

Vtroy Jerof – Composer – Bomblitz – Low Revs:

Sandi – Composer – untold-loneliness:

Neonight – supporter:

Hexadust – supporter:

Shadorot – supporter:

FNFGameBanana – supporter:

G.O.L.D – Background Artist:
Juno Songs – Dialogue


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** TITLE **FNF MOD: [Return Funkin/Vs. Whitty: Definitive Edition] Whitty vs BF | UNTOLD LONELINESS

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