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FNF MOD: Hypno’s Lullaby V2 – Isotope

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  1. i love how expressive Red is in every song he's in.
    Isotope, Frostbite and Dissension (Yes I know that's Steven, but he looks too similar to Red for me to think otherwise lol)

  2. Is no one realizing the icon from the youtuber in the corner….the bf

  3. Everytime someone speaks:
    0:18 Am i a joke to you?…
    2:30 They took EVERYTHING from me…
    My voice..
    My freedom..
    My legacy..
    And replaced me with some

  4. Boyfriend literally does a middle finger to red. Its known why he is mad

  5. "They took everything from me
    My cock, My balls, My Butthole
    and replaced it with some radiation."

  6. Okay, but why is the song called Isotope? I've been looking into the creepypasta and from what I've seen this has nothing to do with isotopes

  7. i just noticed that the right animation of bf is him showing middle finger, but it's glitched XD

  8. After Red finishes talking, the song just shot up in quality. Is that just me?

  9. am i a joke to you? casually starts rapping

    eoaeoaoeoaooeoaoeoaoaoa ewwwww

    Sometime later… no Gets mad


  11. "Am I a joke to you"
    Begins dropping uncomically fire bars

  12. are we not gonna talk bout the fact BF is flipping off Red

  13. This is one of my favorite songs just cause of the animation

  14. Me lembra as músicas do jogo original

  15. Nah man. Whats goofy to me is we can have so much gore and someone's every ripped out and then there entire body ripped off, Pico's face GONE, and yet we can't have the middle finger

  16. Am I the only one that thinks GF inside the Game Boy bouncing to the beat like in 0:47 is really cute?

  17. (isotope)
    rapa errxe
    luther and daisy

    (rapa errxe) the look everyone for me my power my voice my legacy you all call for you me i hate you the luther

  18. para q dispositivo es o para q gama o bits es

  19. "They took everything from me my voice my freedom my legacy and then they replaced me with some blue haired kid" proceeds to shoot bars

  20. Hold up let me turn on my 4K settings:

  21. they took everything from me… my voice,my freedom,my legacy,and they replaced me with some blue… haired… KID

  22. i absolutely love songs that use that kinda beat like the one in blammed, idrk what it's called but it makes any good song bang like 300% more

  23. Everyone's talking about the animation but no ones talking about how Bf flips glitchy red off on the right note.

  24. we are all talking about how good the talking anim is but bro the arrow anims are smooth as fuck

  25. Why is boyfriend doing the middle finger on his right pose 💀

  26. Y’know, I didn’t know the “BLUE HAIRD KID” right animation is literally him flipping glitchy red off. I noticed because a random black box is covering his finger.

  27. "They replaced me with some blue haired kid."
    At this point I thought he was saying it was Gary or Blue.
    until I saw BF's Hair color

  28. How much y’all wanna bet red can punch boyfriend and not feel any remorse?

  29. Did you know all the reds in this mod have a shadow on their face

  30. in spanish:me quitaron todo lo que tenia, mi voz, mi libertad, mi legado, y encima me remplazan por un niño con pelo azul

  31. looks like red's atoms have too much neutrons

  32. bro this dude must like, have ready access to toothpaste and a toothbrush or smthn his teath are perfectly white.

  33. "They took everything from me, My VOICE, My FREEDOM, My LEGACY, And they replaced me with some blue haired KID" one of the best lines bro

  34. i love red's poses, they seem so smooth and its just so good

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