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FNF MOD: Hypno’s Lullaby V2 – Frostbite

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  1. red summons a pikachu and became malnourished

  2. bro 0:43 slaps! this is my favourite part of the song, i just love how good it sounds

  3. Oh well our pokemons died. Eh lets just do a random rap battle .

  4. i just discovered that the frostbite is killing ethan, not red rapping

  5. I feel like a Minus version of this song would be using the Minus version of Gold seen in the video: https://youtu.be/ZYGFsuNF8FY, and that also the roles are swapped, instead of fighting red playing as gold, it's the other way around, with you fighting this near impossible version of Gold, with your Pikachu not looking like a horrific nightmare, but just looking sad and scared as it tries to aid you, with Minus Gold's Typhlosion being just as impossible in form as Gold is, to the point where when it starts to morph it's shape in it's poses the same way as Minus Gold does, can you even call it a Typhlosion anymore?

    And not only that, but Minus Gold is also inside a sort of dark, void like fog, making you wonder if what you currently see of Gold and his Typhlosion is all that there is of them?

    Instead of being a losing battle against a corpse and his Freakchu in the regular version of Frostbite, it's a losing battle against these… things.

  6. It makes a true Pokémon fan depressed that the fact these Pokémon in the background died a horrible death. Idk blastioise and venasaur but Charizard is decaying the one on the left idk what that is. And Snorlax… lost- his I sides

  7. Bro thats cap, this is from trepidation mod

  8. and to think that it scares me like Pikachu did 💀

  9. Silver being the only human that has not died but has his arm cut in half and his right eye ripped out but still managed to keep himself from not getting killed till now

  10. Song is alright but the creepy pasta is pretty dumb

  11. You didn’t have to kill that typhlosion 😢

  12. Someone should explain the lore to me. Pls



  15. Is anyone going to talk about the freackachu killing Silver?
    Even though Silver won fair and square?

  16. no mames pikachu si esta turbio lo peor es que vi una muerte eliminada de black de como pikachu se metia en su cuerpo y se lo comia por dentro para despues salir es demasiado turbio ._.

  17. lyrics dead alive ash: dont go you will die die you will die alive: ok ok but get help dude

  18. Me saca de onda tu marca de agua xdd

  19. I am proud to say I had Typhlosion live on every one of my play throughs, he only had like 1 or 2 hits left though.

  20. they were in a battle so that’s why the pokémon are mauled and mutilated and the reason why the trainers are mauled and mutilated are because of pikachu

  21. I dont get 1 thing: why all if pokemon Look dead?

  22. This song was my 2nd fav my first one is monochrome and i do love the way this was going how sad it was cancelled

  23. Seeing these 2 legendary trainers and their pokemon in such a state makes me sad.

  24. この音楽大好き!!かっこよすぎ…

  25. Even if we lose or not,the end always be we got eaten by pikachu,because when the song finished,our health bar is at zero when we do the long notes,

  26. Freakachu bites his arm and damages player. What? (Yes, im bad in english, dont kick me pls)

  27. Bro gold literally has a hoodie on if he’s dying of frostbite, at least that would help a bit

  28. Ever noticed how Freakachu periodically bites its own arm?
    Its pokedex entry states that it keeps its tail raised to be aware of its own surroundings, and if it notices something trying to grab it it bites it.
    It's so cold it's all gone numb, so it can't recognise that that's its arm.

  29. To people who read the creppypastas before even FNF was a thing, you all know that these ones are meant to show how easily we can loose things even after being at the top of the mountain, no matter our strenght or posesions. These were never meant to be scary, at all, just disturbing.

  30. Wait how can fire types die of frostbite if they can't even be frozen

  31. i really thought charizard in the back was cubone 💀💀

  32. bro i literally couldn't finish it due to too much lag lol

  33. lmao, the 11 year old died horrifically!1!1

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