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FNF MOD: Hypno’s Lullaby V2 – Brimstone

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Friday Night Funkin’ – Tricky Corrupted Mod [HARD] [FULL WEEK]


  1. I prefer the v1 of this song… because the gengar's entry is more intensify

  2. Idk why but at 2:15 Gengar sounds like he’s either confused or uncomfortable, probably because of how unnatural missingno looks and that it’s something he’s probably never seen before

  3. BFしれっとけつばん捕まえてんのめっちゃ好き

  4. in the gravestones or whatever those are its written ''Daniel :v'', ''Quandale dingle'', and ''me lovi'' or something like that

  5. You know I just realized something his screams kinda sounds like ,Big smoke

  6. I was trying to figure what gengars voice sounds like and now I realized it sounds like Cody from SML

  7. bro if gf cant survive neither can you

  8. I like that Gengar sounds like how he would in the Pokemon anime, pretty much saying syllables of his own name

  9. i like how gengar isn't creepypasta-ified or something to fit the scariness of the mod, he's just… gengar

  10. I love how in the leaked build everyone was wondering why Muk suddenly got GF’s vocals.

    N o w W e K n o w

  11. The only problem with this song is the Grimer/Muk (I never knew how to differentiate them) since that isn't well balanced.

    If you play down scroll it's easier since it blocks less of your play ground, but if you play up scroll almost half of the play ground gets blocked.

  12. I've said it once, and I'll say it again: The only gripe I have with this song is the fact that MissingNo doesn't play more of an active role. I mean, the Pokemon in this battle also sing like their trainers, so why can't BF just consistently focus on singing against Buried Alive up until White Hand transforms, and have MissingNo sing against whatever Pokemon Buried Alive has out at that moment? It would feel more like a proper pokemon battle if that were the case!

  13. 1:09 Me/gangger when my summons me when he is lost and am lvl1919919292922992

  14. I kinda prefer the leaked build instead, I liked how it sounded more intense

  15. Absolutely love how this ties into why boyfriend looked for missingno in the first place.

    Also really liked the thought of having missingno as an actual mon.

  16. 1:36 HAHAHAHA! ITS GENGAR TIME! (starts gengaring all over the place)

  17. That’s probably just tricky with no effects

  18. “Shuddup, I got my bro missingtoe’s”

  19. 4:05 ayo what the hell man you can't use more than one pokemon in a 1v1 fight smh

  20. Pov : your trying to find a comment thats not a fun fact

  21. I like to think that this canonically takes place after the Missingno song and BF and Missingno became bros.

  22. Missingo after helping bf : Where the fuck is my payment?

  23. fnf mfs when they play the binding of isaac (they find brimstone in the devil room)

  24. This is what happens when both trainers keep using perish song for all of their Pokémon the whole time in a battle

  25. Boyfriend really just saw a hand transform into a mutilated corpse of Girlfriend and gave 0 shits

  26. BF…calma ai tanben ne… glhty ai ja morreria

  27. Fun Fact: If you look closely the gravestones say “Daniel” “Quandale Dingle” and I think the last one says Mc Levi

  28. Even though buried alive is a some what dark story, the song is so upbeat and friendly until gf. I like it! Like bf is having fun until the white hand forms into gf, who is disturbing, but then bf continues, knowing that is not her.

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