FNF Hypno's lullaby V2 IS SO GOOD!! One of the BEST FNF mods yet!! - tori-games.com

FNF Hypno’s lullaby V2 IS SO GOOD!! One of the BEST FNF mods yet!!

Forever Nenaa
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Gameplay of Friday Night Funkin: Hypno’s lullaby V2

Uh oh! Your tryin to kiss ur hot girlfriend, but her MEAN and EVIL dad is trying to HURT you! He’s an ex-rockstar, the only way to get to his heart? The power of music…
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00:00:00 – Intro
00:00:56 – Safety Lullaby
00:03:39 – Left Unchecked
00:07:46 – Cutscene
00:07:59 – Lost Cause
00:10:49 – Unlocking Pokedex
00:11:28 – Unlocking Freeplay
00:12:19 – Isotope
00:16:23 – Dissension
00:19:59 – ???
00:20:08 – Amusia
00:24:14 – Pasta Night
00:29:03 – Death Toll
00:32:51 – Bygone Purpose
00:37:08 – Sell an Item?
00:37:17 – Shinto Cutscene
00:37:42 – Shinto
00:41:29 – Shinto 2nd Song
00:46:06 – Frostbite
00:49:49 – Insomnia
00:54:56 – Monochrome (Best Song??)
01:01:05 – Just Press 7
01:01:28 – Missingno Intro
01:02:07 – Missingno
01:05:45 – Brimstone
01:12:15 – Purin
01:16:10 – Pokedex song
01:16:44 – All Death animation I missed
01:19:06 – Final Thoughts

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  1. Good thing you didnt see purin fixed death animation

  2. Here’s a tip just focus don’t speak see quiet focus and don’t worry about stuff around you except worry about the game there’s a tip for Friday night Funkin

  3. If you wanted to see "stuff" theres slorlaxes rectum

  4. i think every background character in pasta night is angry at the main 3 cuz they L O U D A S H E C K !

  5. The fact that Nena got 69 misses on the Missingno song LMAO😂

  6. missingno is not a legend. i literaly HAVE that pokemon

  7. I’m watching this in the night rn and I should be asleep and my parents aren’t telling me to sleep and I watched to close to the full video now

  8. Fun fact there is an actual character in lost silver in the song which is grey and the dead celibe they pops up from the back round

  9. I love how the devs knew everyone would mistake shinto for a male pokemon lmao

  10. The pokemon you are fighting on Imusia is wigglytuff.

  11. keep your percentage over 90% on hard for Insomnia, or feraligator kills you.

  12. also by no more gold means no more holding back.

  13. If you lose in purin song and press quit. There is a creepy jumpscare. Just don't

  14. Bro guys I just figured this out grey is silver the 3d freak ate his eyes arms legs and now grey is floating also silver has the same hair as grey soooo grey is 💀☠️

  15. Dude what if theres hypo song called dead for ever

  16. I know it’s not on topic for the mod but can we just admire how much better nena has gotten at fnf?? She’s come such a long way since not even being able to beat whitty!

  17. My favorite song of this mod is probably monochrome cuz it has a second phase

  18. Can you play vs Dave and Bambi golden Apple 1.2 or just Dave and Bambi 3.0 trust me they have wonderful songs and storyline

  19. I love how in brimstone, the middle gravestone said Quandale Dingle. The memes, lol.

  20. Maybe play mr mix he can help you type

  21. Could the purin song Pokémon center be the same as the one from the safety check song from hypno? If you look in the first hypno song- you can see picos name written on the window in the background

  22. Who else noticed they were singing the tutorial cause they really enjoyed singing that song 😮

  23. forever engine in the right upper corner 😂

  24. bygone purpose is one i watched a couple times and i never almost cried but now i cry bc how sad it is

  25. if you think shitno's jumpscare was scary, you should really try to check out the unused death animation in purin, i love how well made it was

  26. it is the spirit of his sister loom at the panting over the bed

  27. 8 bit Ryan had to use his damn foot for the first song

  28. Honestly, it seems like the spacebar mechanic makes youtubers tap into their focus mode, and it's really interesting to see.

  29. Hey press seven On the first screen you see

  30. Just for heads up missingno is actually a pokemon you can get in sertent pokemon games it is called the missing number pokemon

  31. What was your favorite part/ song in this mod? 🤔💕

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