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FNF Hypno’s Lullaby V2 – Frostbite (FC)

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Press space to heat up so u wont freeze to death

and dont press to many times or Typhlosion will faint lol

FNF VS Hypno’s Lullaby Cancelled Build
– A Mod for Friday Night Funkin’.

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  1. POV: 2 prisoners in a Russian gulag arguing over who gets the ice blocks

  2. I hope red gets bandaids because i feel bad for him 😢

  3. Red's voice is just really good in human and a corpse

  4. There's that ever lasting feeling of there's a limited time you have and that death will come one way or another but yet it's struggling for life as red Infront in the beginning is all an allusion till freakachu comes out then you see the colds damage and it's might

  5. Apparently Gold here and Gold in Lost Silver are the same person in this mod's canon.

  6. Theres called Hypothermia is like super cold and shivering like gold

  7. Red, the normally silent trainer talks in the face of death

  8. Theory: So we all know how Pikachu is alive l right? Doing well. Kind of. But what if he ate all of Red’s Pokémon and Gold’s Pokémon but when it came to Typhlosion, it failed but taking chunks out of it and as they battle, Typhlosion tries to keep them alive and Typhlosion could’ve took bites out of Pikachu as well and when Red took Pikachu out, Pikachu could’ve ate parts of Red to stay alive and then ate Gold afterwards and then maybe ate Red.

  9. The typhlosion icon at the top of the frostbite bar is so depressing to notice, at the start you can see him like powerful but it gets slowly weaker every certain amount of uses of his flame that consume his PP, but that also consume his life energy just to keep his loved trainer alive

  10. This is definitely the most horrific and saddest song in FNF history, and nobody can change my mind about it.

  11. Why does everyone keep calling him Gold? Gold appears in Monochrome, this however is Blake. Just wanted to say that, been noticing it a lot.

  12. Casual 11 yr olds rap battling while crying blood and killing eachother with Pokémon

  13. bro when I'm playing Frostbite for some reason, the fps are 3-7 Can someone help me 😭😭💀

  14. Fun fact!
    I play piano sometimes and I've made a relatively-good theme for myself, among others-!
    It's kinda funny because the bit at 1:11 sounds exactly like a part of it ^^


  15. No to be disrespectful but the way freakachu salutes 💀💀💀

  16. So many people are like, "It's touching to see how Typhlosion is willing to sacrifice itself to keep its trainer alive a little longer."

    I say if he'd taken a Magcargo, that wouldn't be a problem X3

  17. why didnt gold and red use a max revive

  18. as an alaskan this is very accurate if you're out in the winter with no gear on.

  19. I love pokemon gold and silver, i always choose cyndaquil and this makes me fell like it could be my character after i defeated red and i just stopped playing

  20. The fact that despite becoming an absolute monstrosity, Freakachu is still loyal to Red is… kind of adorable. It's a feral animal now, driven mad by pain and suffering, but it still wants to protect Red where everyone else failed.

  21. I think this song is simply brilliant 😅

  22. Its sweet that these two pokemon are trying so hard to keep their trainers alive this just shows that Pokémon will always be loyal even if it means dying like typhlosion hes trya keep gold warm cause he loves him even though hes not even able to keep himself warm You can even see him shaking too and Pikachu using pain split just to try and win they both look absolutely horrible like they can die any second but no even if they are dying they will still help them this shows that pokemon will love their trainers till death.

  23. Oh neve
    Perdi tudo aqui
    Eu apostei minhas
    Em quem

  24. Acabo de llegar el mismo día y el mismo mes de la fecha de este video xd

  25. Looking at red and thinking he has a British accent ☕️🗿

  26. Tylphlosion: I will die for my owner in order to keep him warm

    Pikachu: starts rapping about 9/11

  27. It would be cool if these characters were youtooz figures

  28. I'm awaiting the day that someone edits all of Red's Pokémon too look normal, almost as if they were blissfully sleeping in the snow, only for Pikachu to come out and their corpses are mangled like they are now

  29. bluds like what the f***k i didint wanna do this

  30. I am so confused of why everybody is dead

  31. Kids no one understand with siren boi says:


  32. can we appreciate that the main blizzard character in the friday 13 mod his lil icon on health look like mount silver guy

  33. Why didnt they just quit the fight and went back home tho

    Are they stupid ?

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