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FNF Dusttale Remastered [Undertale GENOCIDE ROUTE] | FNF Mod

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Broo what is Boyfriend from hit series Friday Night Funkin’ doing in Undertale’s Dusttale AU , VS Dusttale Sans fjjg

Absolutely incredible FNF Mod, definitely one of if not the best Undertale FNF Mods and most likely my favorite FNF Mod as of now, rivalling Draco’s VS Sans game. The music is awesome and the charting makes it such a delight to play, all the new mechanics were so fun (though KR killing was a bit agitating with the Gaster Blasters,) I also thought the Chara possessing / Influencing a character trope was done really well in this FNF Mod, plus being able to swing at and attack Dusttale Sans was such a cool mechanic and a nice touch, I also thought having Sans speak in the proper font within the dialogue was pretty cool. The team also made great use of Draco’s VS Sans voice bank, I loved Sans’s vocals within each song.

Sorry for any editing mistakes, I’m pretty sure there aren’t any clips of me dying and such but I’m not sure. This is a really big mod and so It’s pretty easy for me to make a mistake splicing stuff together. I’ll try to showcase the Pacifist route sometime tomorrow.

Credits :
WassabiSoja: Owner of the mod, coder, animator and artist
WassabiSoja: Main mechanics coder
StampS: Coding help, cool guy
Hexar: Dialogue and some bug fixes
IceyDuNoir: Drowning, Psychotic-breakdown, Hallucinations, Last-hope, Main-menu-theme, Death-theme
Nathan S.: The murderer, Red-Megalovania, Reality-Check
Lemonemy: D.I.E, Anthropophobia
WassabiSoja: Cutscenes, sans sprites and animations, chara-bf sprites and animations, chara animations, menu sprites and animations, logo, chara animations
Daralynarts: Cutscenes
HLoSans: In game backgrounds (snowdin-cave, waterfall, judgement-hall)
Samuel Pastel: Papyrus assets and animations, chara icons
Korean Nooby: Cutscenes, thumbnails, chara assets, undyne assets
EEF: Gaster Blaster sprite and animation helper
Goobler: Main Menu dust effect, and smth more but i forgor lmao
MrGarbage64: Pixel Intro assets

Timestamps :
00:00 – Intro
00:38 – Intro Cutscene
02:30 – The Murderer Dialogue
02:53 – The Murderer
05:50 – Red Megalovania Cutscene
06:37 – Red Megalovania Dialogue
06:47 – Red Megalovania
09:39 – Drowning Dialogue
09:53 – Drowning
12:24 – Psychotic Breakdown Cutscene
12:46 – Psychotic Breakdown Dialogue
13:01 – Psychotic Breakdown
15:36 – D.I.E Dialogue
15:58 – D.I.E
19:09 – Anthropophobia Cutscene
19:27 – Anthropophobia Dialogue
19:47 – Anthropophobia
22:16 – Ending Cutscene / Hallucinations Cutscene
22:48 – Hallucinations / Win Screen
25:15 – Reality Check

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  1. someone should remake undertale but every battle is a rhythem battle and the main character is boyfriend

  2. 11:26 bro I love how bf just starts to rap so intensely and dust sans is there like what the hell wrong with this boi

  3. i cant even get past the first stage the white arrows are so annoying and i accidentally keep clicking on them 😭

  4. DustTale is interesting but it couldn't happen bc Sans doesn't remember the resets.

  5. Sans: I need love.
    Bf: We singin' today.
    Sans: …what?
    Bf: I said we singin' today!

  6. Why is Red Megalovania the pokemon league from red and blue

  7. This is one of the best undertale fnf mods I've seen, right next to the X event

  8. En la actualidad cualquier hombre al escuchar el argumento de una feminista 6:24

  9. i love how even when undyne is melting she is vibing to the music lol

  10. gf the whole time : 😀

    ps why does she care at all lol

  11. BF: legit become chara or something

  12. The attack and gaste blaster feature is cool af

  13. Why does megalovainia have pokemon music at the beginning

  14. Papyrus….. no… why…. you got sucked into this madness…. well since your here… WIN THE BATTLE FOR US FOR THE TEAM NDERGROUND!!!!

  15. 7:48

    Papyrus: hello sa-
    Sans: what
    Papyrus: welp I cant join now
    Sans: join what
    Papyrus: t h e r o y a l g u a r d

  16. Psychotic Breakdown is the best, but overall this entire soundtrack is DIVINE

  17. Girlfriend: whats wrong with u?
    Undyne: im melting
    Girlfriend: oh ok ima just sit on u and let u die then

  18. The thing I’m worried about is that girlfriend is perfectly fine about a man killing a ton of people, and attempting to kill her boyfriend. Also she’s perfectly chill about boyfriend being possessed by a murderous child

  19. 6:47 GF just casually chilling on someone literally dying-

  20. Imagine your dying and then randomly your killer just start having a rap battle with some random blue haired kid

  21. i like how dust sans does not have a mic with him. it makes sense if you think about it.

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