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FNF Corruption: Inevitable Fate | Vs Whitty: FINALE | NEW SONG: [Deadly Blast]

Renx The Hedgehog
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OST: “Deadly Blast” By:
Composer: ShroomKaboomZ, Ft. CosmeticCloud.


OG Corruption mod by Phantom Fear:
OG Whitty mod:

“First Week (Remastered)”
Day 1 (Endless Cycle):
Day 2 (OverCorrupted):
Day 3 (Deadly Blast):

“RETRY/True Week (Remastered)”
Day 1 (Cycle’s End):
Day 2 (Abnormal):
Day 3 (Detonation):


  1. Alternate ending:
    Whitty uses a uno reverse card at the end

  2. Prob too late lol, but am i the only who thinks that the little heads on the health bar should change when whitty powers-up in the middle and the end of the song, i was thinking that for the middle part the flames on the little head would get bigger and more orange and at the end he would be screaming with super bright eyes and mouth, his head would be full of orange cracks and his flames would be even bigger and brighter. Also for bf, the corruption would start fading everytime he powers-up and at the end he would be about half uncorrupted. I feel like this tiny change would portray even more how powerful whitty is when he goes ballistic. These changes IF applied could also affect the actual models and maybe even the background. I say this cause it didn't really make sense to me how when whitty powers-up in the middle of the song he burns away a part of the corruption, but when he is literally about to explode with cracks on his head and hands he doesn't burn the corruption. Also just noticed this was posted 9 months ago lol.

  3. i wanna play this on friday night bloxin

  4. When is this “Ending Cutscene” coming out?

  5. whitty can regenerate him self if he explodes

  6. I love how like in the song in the start of deadly blast its like a heroic sound in the beggining of the song

  7. AGlitchedHuman OnTheInternet (GlitchyRed) says:

    im obsessed with whitty’s animations they are so good


  9. I wonder if Whitty could've went ballistic and saved everyone without trying to go boom.

  10. Idc what y'all say there is no retry shit whitty won and that's that

  11. 2:04 sounds kinda heavenly as things get even more intense and at the end 3:04 with Whitty's final countdown to exploding sounds like it's truly the end for the corruption.

  12. Yisehak Kebed4444434444444544580qe the first 1 says:

    Ever though Whitty prob exploded he will regenerate, it’s is canon because he can regenerate.

  13. So which one works better as Corrupted Ballistic?

    Deadly Blast or Infernum?

  14. There’s only a couple of days left before this video reaches 1 year when it was uploaded.I just imagine if renx posted the deadly blast aftermath on July 1st, but that’s just a wild guess he won’t post it probably

  15. wow wow wow this mod its very and super cool its like a final battle accion movie scene!!

  16. H_Sh.whittyzilla2023.Friday_night_funkin says:

    but im blast whitty to but whittyzilla

  17. @RenxTheHedgehog what is the bpm of this song. what are the ones in the all sections, including the final whitty note spam at the end

  18. I cant help but imagine whitty saying feel the pain with his final three notes…. sounds wicked awesome tho

  19. heres your millionth view, take it or leave it

  20. Fuse burnin bright, whitty's raring for a fight
    Seriously, seeing whitty's fuse burning brught in defiance of the darkness around him was a powerful sight

  21. Yeah mate you should add deadly blast to the mod and please make the ending. i really like how the song shows how truly powerfull whitty is. deadly blast might be an alternate ending of where he didnt get fully corrupted but instead managed to fight it and then tried to uncorrupt bf to stop the corruption apocalypse

  22. I actually remade whitty's sprite in scratch, and it't pretty accurate to the original one here

  23. Bf was like (at the start) when he was corrupted : lma get every one else before l get whitty he gonna wipe me in seconds

  24. Whitty explodes and win
    the end

    unless mf midget has a retry ability to rewind time

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