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FNF Character Test | Gameplay VS Playground | ALL PURPLE CHARACTERS | FNF Mods

Rhythm Zone
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In this video you will see a test of 42 characters that is compared to the gameplay for Friday Night Funkin’ in my playground mode (concept) with their music.
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Mod used:
– Dusk Till Dawn:
– VS Skibidi Ban Ban Toilet:
– The Mean 6 MLP Mod FNF Covers:
– Stargazer But Twilight And Pinkie Cover it:
– The Amazing Digital FUNKIN:
– FNF–Vs Googly Jester (SONGS THE SAME):
– The Amazing Digital FUNK V1.5 FIX:
– Friday Night Funkin’ Glitched Worlds DEMO:
– fnf digitalizing remake:
– MLP: Darkness is Magic V2 (Kindness Kerfuffle):
– FNF: Pibby Proliferation (V1):
– Ourple Guy Vibes Mix (A One Shot Ourple Guy Mod):
– Pibby: Apocalypse [Demo]:
– Vs Starecrown: Definitive Edition:
– Learning Day In Funkin Return V1:
– fnf: spooky bluey mod (2.0 update):
– pibby Grimace shake:
– Vs Skibidi RE-SKIN by MRELKIN:
– skibidi grimace toilet:
– Friday Night Shakin Vs Grimace (Oneshot mod):
– The Grimming:
– The Grimace Mod (PROTOTYPE):
– fnf vs sazae`s family (pibby mod):
– Gunpowder But Twilight and Pinkie Cover it:
– BBiF Cancelled Build:
– Defeat D-Sides:
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  1. JAX HAS A COOL SING😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

  2. What about twilight? She is purple and she’s a princess so she has to rule them all.

  3. uuuu pibbiapocalixis juega la semana de estiven

  4. The fact that pibby twilight and pinkie sang stargazer caught me off guard☠️

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  6. No no hdhvgd Ksksk kskskssksksksksksksks

  7. I played this game my friend was a YouTuber show me how to play it

  8. so when will I be able to download this

  9. Purple guy is the main boss of purple characters because his name is literally purple guy

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