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FNF Character Test | Gameplay VS Playground | 900 CHARACTERS TEST | FNF Mods

Rhythm Zone
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In this video you will see a test of 900 characters that is compared to the gameplay for Friday Night Funkin’ in my playground mode (concept) with their music.
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  1. 33:21 Flower bfdi33:49 Golfball bfdi34:21 Ruby bfb36:07 Eggy bfb36:36 Firey and Leafy bfdi37:02 Pencil n Bubble bfdi 37:25 Match bfdi55:46 Lollipop and Flower bfb56:13 Teardrop and Gelatin appeared56:15 Taco bfb1:05:08 idk but it is object show style 1:05:43 object show style too1:09:10 Balloony bfb1:09:42 Purple face bfb 1:14:20 object show style (sorry i dont know the object show) 1:14:49 another object show style 1:15:19 and another object show style hehehr1:15:45 ONE OF RUBY'S SISTER😱😱😱‼️1:16:08 object show style 1:19:02 Gelatin bfb 1:19:30 Glitched Gelatin :01:20:30 Fan and Testtube Inanimate insanity ( ii )1:21:21 Testtube ii 1:22:03 Paintbrush ii Lazy to watch the full videoHmm wow :0

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