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EXPURGATION but Every Turn a Different Character Sings🎙 (FNF Expurgation but Everyone Sings It)

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EXPURGATION but Every Turn a Different Character Sings🎙 (FNF Expurgation but Everyone Sings It)

In this video you will see Expurgation but Every Turn a Different Character Sings. Enjoy it! 🎙

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Original song by @JADS 👉

GenoX –
Blantados –

Friday Night Funkin Expurgation
FNF but everyone sings Expurgation
FNF Expurgation but everyone sings it
FNF Expurgation but every turn a different cover is used

#FNF #FridayNightFunkin #Expurgation


  1. it always gotta be a banger when its tricky and everyone sings it
    Edit : also can you do Spin from the funkin files, its always fire for some reason

  2. Gritan la cancion mas dificil en sus tiempos
    -el que voltea:*cualquiera de ahora*
    -al que le hablan:

  3. Great cover 💯 I love that you have taken up this epic song again 💯

  4. Holy cow this actual straight fire i love this song already but this made it a million times better wow perfect job won't change a thing perk song making 🎉

  5. Love how you replaced Tricky yelling "HANK!!!" with the T-Rex's roar.

  6. Alv te quedó bien goood,no me esperaba esta canción para nada ya que tiene mucho turnos
    10/10 papu
    y gracías por incluirme 😀


    Well done..

  8. Uh question, what happen to those new thumbnails you were using for your past videos. You know like the one you used when you were using the song called Untold Loneliness.

  9. Nice seeing a classic back can u do Overhead

  10. Seriously a classic, not just because of the speed and the note placement, but of how it used spam very well in its music and tone. Works with literally any voice from any mod, past, present, and future!

  11. I haven't seen an expurgation cover for a while. This was refreshing to see. It's so great to see this cover with more of the newer characters. Great Job!👍

  12. I've heard a lot of Expurgation covers, but this one just hit different

  13. Alternate titles: EXPURGATION but It's just like old times, i really miss classic Mods

  14. there should b more covers of older songs tbh. the older characters r (mostly) cool n all but we have so many more fantastic voices to choose from that have come out since most of the covers of this song were made that would sound great in other older songs like that. ballistic getting one or two recently was rly cool but id LOVE to see more ppl doing more revisits, ya kno?
    also goddamn, the use of duets at one point??? didnt expect that at ALL, good shit all around!!

  15. Nice to have something like this now with tons of new lyrics that are pretty good at matching the flow and general speed and such that Expurgation has.

  16. este es un clásico zynux para tu siguiente video puedes hacer el BETADCIU de HELLHOLE REMAKE solo una idea para tu video ah y el BETADCIU bien piola 😀

  17. This man pulled off an expurgation vitor O_O

  18. So much mods and this is still one of the best

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