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Exiled (Dream SMP FNF Mod)

Seek’s Animations and Stuff
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Mod is still gonna take a while to be released but it’ll be worth it when it does. Here’s a teaser!

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“Will you release the chromatics/flp/midi/stems of this song?”
When the mod releases, yes.

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  1. This is sooooo cool I love this 😭😭 please make more I love this

  2. We need a mod about this, the song is great!

  3. Dream es el mayor villano del Smp y a la vez el que tiene la voz más tranquila y suave

  4. might be late to this but the inst kinda has a steven universe vibe

  5. We need a song about the “My dad tells the Dream SMP storyline” video

  6. make slimecicle dying and also make among us- i mean fundy nightmar,

  7. Hope you make a quackity from las Nevada's one

  8. btw the Icon dirrection is wrong and ik a script to fix it


  10. 36:29 Let’s just take a minute to appreciate how much time and work she put into these videos?
    It's unbelievable, and I think they deserve a lot more than that -yt bots 2022

  11. The fact that dream cuts tommy out to never get himself on low healt ALSO DREAM SOUNDS SO LIKE THE ACTUAL DREAM

  12. Anyone notice that at the end of the song when dream disappears the moon in the background has his smile?

  13. Everyone talks about how we never see Dreams losing icon, yet the same happens for Tommy, he’s hanging on to a tiny amount of hope and determination, just enough to have not fully lost yet.

  14. POV you’re seek: hey dream n tommy can you make completely random noises for my friday night funcking mod

  15. Hello! Then will it be playable or will there be some way to use it?

  16. I don't usually care about that "dream" guy's stuff, but this looks awesome!!

  17. Change the hair to black and curly since he done a face reveal

  18. Please tell me there's more than one song

  19. I was thinking about making a mod like this but the dream smp part will be a bit more generic with bf and gf going to the dream smp but there will be more than just dream smp like origins smp, a bunch of Tommy's funniest minecraft videos, and for the finale my headcanon of serious tommyinnit.exe

  20. Just me who feels like Tommyinits voice in this mod almost sounds like Tom from the eddsworld mod?

  21. This makes me wanna know how it's raining in Tommy's tent.

  22. hell naw dream just /tped to the esact coordinates to that block :skull:

  23. i like how you use their actual voice! it makes it much better!

  24. i keep rewatching this like holy shit it’s so good, ur music has a certain style which i completely adore. i really love how the song kind of replicates how dream and tommy actually interact in exile, like their talking over each other and mimicking each other and agh!!! it’s so good!! so excited to see the full mod!!!!

  25. I love how they actually sound like the c! characters, their voices are just to accurate!

  26. ok so like you're aware of the things dream has done tho right?

    just to clarify?

  27. Nah u gotta change dreams hair color after the face reveal

  28. can someone tell me who the characters are i’ve never watched dream help

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