deviled | lord x vs mx song | Christmas special | fnf mods (ft.dooblajicoo) -

deviled | lord x vs mx song | Christmas special | fnf mods (ft.dooblajicoo)

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this is a mod made by me and @dooblajicoo
this mod is based on this video :
we made this mod for fun and also this mod is fun too lol
download the mod and play it NOW

enjoy 🙂
this guy made the original mod
the dooblajicoo’s video

btw i forget to say this song is a remix from other mod(more explaintions in gamebanana)


  1. well guys dooblajicoo had some problems with uploading his videohe must upload video faster but wait until his video 🙂

  2. Мистер Санс скелетончик says:

    I did not know that this masterpiece will make a song! it's a masterpiece

  3. This sounds awesome and it's funny and lord x doesn't have to be so angry

  4. So is this kind of a joke song or sommit? Sprites are amazimg btw.

  5. Modiey I do change new pfp as Christmas tomorrow

  6. Funny the MX falling straight down when Lord X screams in his face, bro I loved your music so much man

  7. Man i love this mod all meme and the sprites.
    If i use your sprites i credits you ?

  8. What was knuckles doing anyways

  9. وای اونجایی که لورد میگه هی مادر … خیلی خوب بود دمت گرم
    و راستی معروف شدی با این بتل مبارکه

  10. hi i worked on the mod with the original song can you at the very least please clarify that its a remix of an existing song in the title thanks 🙂

  11. وای خدا چیکارت نکه از خنده ترکیدم 😂😂😂😂

  12. This is the first time for me that I've seen you make a pixel cover

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