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  1. My favorite part about Defeat and Black and Grey as a whole is how the entire mod is just played off for laughs, with every impostor being dumb, but then for Grey and Black's songs, all pretenses drop. There's no more silliness. They go from "ahaha red is so stupid" to a genuine fight for your life. I wish more joke mods would do stuff like this.

  2. 0:31 Lyrics: Black: Take A Look At The References, You Can Feel Your Death's Presence! You will join them Very soon, For Your Soul Is Pretty Much Doomed!


  4. slow this down to 0.75 and 0.5. its a whole diffrent song… atleast after the first part with the easy part and the wait

  5. Boyfriend emotional change in 1 sec 💀

  6. Черный жёсткий парень охуенны уровень

  7. If you get lucky (or unluck idk) a secret death screen shows black slicing your balls, killing you. Then he actually stabs you

  8. Can someone tell me me what is going on in blacks mind

  9. §[]}¥ means black & £¥ means bf

  10. 0:01 u entered an place you never seen
    0:21 IT WAS A TRAP!!
    1:28 you start remembering this place
    1:49 you stopped thinking about this place becouse you would die
    2:27 the nightmare has ended

  11. Defeat is one of my favourite songs in fnf because it reminds me when I am an impostor and every door is closed while everyone is dead except for one that I am trying to kill so easely and closely

  12. 〜v3からの変更点〜

  13. i beat that mobile while it was rising to 5x speed💀💀

  14. I like how it changes to slow to fast

  15. Dude I like how for the part that sounds like Double Kill, Black just downgrades himself


    Esse treco
    Toda esse obra
    Com minha faca

  17. "Yet another challenger climbs the mountain seeking to take away my crown"
    "Staring down the imposter who has beaten all who step upon these grounds"

    "We fought"
    "We tried"
    "We lost"
    "We died"
    "None can"
    "Beat them"
    "Run while"
    "You can"

    "Claim that you have earned your glory"
    "Wrote your name within history"
    "Fighting monsters with no worry"
    "That it all will end up gory"

    "Seeking for a greater challenge"
    "Sprinting into monsters talons"
    "Never thinking for the damage"
    "That your leaving burnt across your name"

    "You need to see through a different eye"
    "Let me tell you how exactly you die"

    "Each time you see someone new"
    "You force their hand, they sing with you"
    "They grow annoyed but you pursue"
    "Until a deeper rage is renewed"

    "Soon enough you make them snap"
    "Unleashing powers they held back"
    "You mock their sorrows with your rap"
    "And leave them to pick up the scraps"

    "And once you've made another foe"
    "You find more to join in the show"
    "You do not care if they say no"
    "Now does that sound like your the hero?"

    "You left them in pain and tears"
    "And that alone should make it clear"
    "Let's ask the question that you fear"
    "Would they care if you were to-"
    "D I S A P P E A R !"

    "What's that? How do I know all this?"
    "Hmm, perhaps this will jog your memory"

    "Does my figure"
    "Seem familiar"
    "This is not the first time we've fought"

    "Back then we did not finish our war"
    "Its time for us to settle the score"

    "Give it your all, I wont hold back"
    "Miss one note and I'll attack"
    "I cannot lose, that is a fact"
    "Soon your whole world, shall fade to black!"

    "Cannot escape the grasp of fate
    "This is your final frontier"
    "Cannot run, its far too late
    "Your journey shall end right here!"

    "We fought"
    "Yet another challenger"
    "We tried"
    "Who's gotten in over their head"
    "We lost"
    "Who's story shall remain unread"
    "We died"
    "And Soon enough shall join the piled dead!"

    "You fought"
    "You tried"
    "You lost"
    "You died"

    "None can"
    "Facing down the imposter"
    "Beat them"
    "Whos risen above all the rest"
    "This is"
    "Whos succeeded at every test"
    "The end"
    "The time has come to kill this pest!"

    "The world"
    "But even if you lived through this"
    "Hates you"
    "The targets on your back increase"
    "You know"
    "The world at large all wants you dead"
    "It's true"
    "You're better off just accepting defeat"

  18. Till this day, Black still wears a tratfic cone for his head

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